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Trevor Oldershaw, art director
Simon Mainwaring, writer
Michael Burdick, associate creative director
Matt Bogen/Bret Ridgeway, creative directors
Harvey Marco, executive creative director
Steve Rabosky, Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, chief creative officer
Livio Sanchez, The Whitehouse, editor
Hank Perlman, Hungry Man, director
Jamil Bardowell, producer
Kristin Beizerman, agency producer
Thomas O'Malley, Hungry Man, production company producer
Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, ad agency
Deborah Meyer, Toyota Motor Sales, Inc., client
Crash Test :30 (Open on a testing center. A technician and two boys look through the glass) Boy 1: Do the red one, Bob. (Technician Bob pushes a button and a red Toyota van speeds toward a wall) SFX: Crash. Boys: Cool! (Cut to Boy 1) BOY 1: Now do the gold one. Technician: It's called Desert Sand Mica. Boy 1: Whatever. Just crash it. Anncr. (VO): With available features like side curtain airbags in all three rows… (Cut to gold van heading toward wall) SFX: Crash. Boys: Yeah! (Cut to Boy 2) Boy 2: Now do the eight-seater. (Cut to the van heading toward the wall) SFX: Crash. Anncr. (VO): …and all wheel-drive, (Cut to Boy 1) Boy 1: Come on, Bob. Do another one. (Cut to Bob pushing the button) Boy 2: Bingo! (Cut to another van about to crash) Anncr. (VO): The Sienna has everything kids want… (Cut to still another van) Boys: Yeah! Do it again! Technician: There are no more left. Boy 1: What about your car? Anncr. (VO): …and everything you need. Sienna. Now that's moving you forward. Super: moving forward Super: Toyota logo.

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