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Geoff Edwards, art director
Scott Duchon, writer
Scott Duchon/Geoff Edwards, associate creative directors
Chuck McBride, executive creative director
Jeff Cronenweth, director of photography
Maury Loeb, editor
Brian Beletic, director
Brad Parker, visual effects supervisor
Brian Carmody/Jennifer Golub/Gabby Gourrier/Michelle Thibeault, executive producers
Stephanie Gilgar, visual effects producer
Monika Prince, post-production producer
Smuggler, production company
PS 260, post-production company
Digital Domain, visual effects company
TBWA\Chiat\Day, ad agency
adidas, client
“Unstoppable”:60 (Open on Tracy McGrady dribbling quickly down the court to shoot a basket) SFX: Ball bouncing, feet moving on court. (Cut to ball going through the hoop of the basket. Another player looks on and then shoots him another ball. Cut to McGrady ready to catch the ball and start moving with the ball's momentum. Cut to McGrady in slow motion moving towards the camera, he starts to dribble the ball. Two miniature white helicopters swoop down with a rope tied between; they are moving quickly towards McGrady's head. Another helicopter is flying towards his head, a rope in similar fashion) SFX: Helicopters flying throughout piece. Ball's bounce echoing from hitting the floor. (Cut to inside of a helicopter as the pilot is looking at McGrady's head. The helicopter swoops around to the back of his head and swings out to view the basket. It begins flying towards the basket. Many white helicopters hover and are flying through the air, one flies by closely overhead. Cut to bird-eye's view of McGrady dribbling and helicopters hovering over his head as in a halo. Little men in white are falling and parachuting down towards his body and court. Cut to soldier suited in white, his target gun aimed out the side of the helicopter. The helicopter moves behind McGrady and you can see all the white hooks strung with rope, attached to his back. Cut to a perspective shot of a man hanging out of a Hummer window as it follows McGrady's shoes. McGrady is dribbling down the court and many white Hummers are driving under foot and over the court. White ropes are hanging off McGrady from above and the man grabs for one of the dangling ropes and begins to reel it in. Cut to a side shot of white miniature Hummers driving near the running feet of McGrady. Low flying helicopters are racing along the court) SFX: Screeching tires. Huge echoing sounds of his feet hitting the court. (Cut to bird-eye view of McGrady dribbling, Hummers swerving underfoot while two helicopters shoot between his legs, connected to ropes. The two helicopters are flying in wide circles, wrapping the ropes around his legs. Cut to McGrady dribbling towards the camera, helicopters are attached to his shoulders and swarming around his body, Hummers driving on the court below and near his feet. Cut to side shot of white soldiers, on the court, aiming their target guns at McGrady. Helicopters and Hummers flying by. Cut to McGrady's foot, shooting hooks fly past his foot and ground themselves into the court, tying his foot to the ground. Cut to McGrady leaping in the air to dunk the basket. The helicopters are being pulled and forced up into the air. Cut to him landing and running away from the basket. Cut to McGrady as he catches another ball and shoots down the court. The mirage of helicopters, Hummers, soldiers have disappeared) Super: Impossible is Nothing Camera Card: adidas

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