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Scott Bailey, art director
Jim Elliott, writer/associate creative director
Guy Seese, executive creative director
Warren Kushner, director of photography/director
Bob Mori, ReX Edit, editor
Steven Dewey, MachineHead, sound engineer
Troy Morrison, Flying Spot, special effects director
Jeff Tillotson, Flying Spot, colorist
Nicole Hartshorn, agency producer
Ann Gilbertson, production company producer
Reactor Films, production company
Cole & Weber/Red Cell, ad agency
Nike Retail Brand Marketing, client
Music of Baseball :30 (The sounds created by the following images combine to evoke an aggressive, energized version of the baseball classic song, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." SFX: Gym locker closes. SFX: Free-weight plate slides into place. SFX: Player's feet ascend the metal bleachers of a stadium. SFX: Baseball thwomps out of a pitching machine. SFX: Chain-link fence door clangs open. SFX: Base slides into a plug and hits the infield dirt. SFX: Player's cleat slides into a base. SFX: Equipment bag lands on the dugout bench. SFX: Player slaps the batting helmet of another player. SFX: Fist smacks the center of a mitt. SFX: Bat handle hits the ground, followed by a donut weight. SFX: Batter digs his cleats into the dirt. SFX: Player's gum bubble pops in the dugout. SFX: Pitcher throws a ball into his own mitt. SFX: Bat taps home plate. SFX: Pitched ball lands in the catcher's mitt. SFX: Caught ball sets off an "around the horn." SFX: Batter taps the resin bag with his bat. SFX: Pitcher clears dirt from the pitching mound rubber with his cleat. SFX: Pitcher grunts out a pitch. SFX: Pitched ball lands in the catcher's mitt. SFX: The crack of four consecutive hits. SFX: A bank of stadium lights turn on. SFX: Two consecutively hit balls both strike the outfield wall. SFX: Ball clears the outfield wall and strikes a car, setting off an alarm. Super: Nike logo

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