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Brock Davis, art director
Steve Casey, writer/creative director
Jim Nelson, executive creative director
Peter McHugh, chief creative officer
Haines Hall, Spot Welders, editor/sound designer
Chad Brannon, voice talent
Brahmstead White Noise, music company
Craig Gillespie, MJZ, director
Deb Tietjen, MJZ, line producer
Kate Ayrton, agency producer
Lisa Rich, MJZ, executive producer
Joe Grundhoefer, executive agency producer
Carmichael Lynch, ad agency
Jack Link's Beef Jerky, client
Waterbowl :30 Super: Jack Link's Beef Jerky Logo Messin' with Sasquatch Anncr. (VO): Jack Link's Beef Jerky presents Messin' with Sasquatch (Open on three guys walking in the woods. One of them spots a sleeping Sasquatch up just ahead of them. As the three of them stare at Sasquatch, lying there sound asleep with his head on a rock, they get an idea. One man passes the bag of Jack Link's over to the other guy. Cut to the three heating up some water over a campfire. Cut to one of the guys very gently and very quietly lifting up Sasquatch's arm and carefully lowering his hand into the bowl of warm water) SFX: Water sounds. (A few moments pass, then Sasquatch's eyes pop wide open. Cut to the guys behind a tree and laughing about what they just pulled off) One Guy: (Looks back and sees Sasquatch gone) Where'd he go? (Now Sasquatch surprises them from around the tree and hits one of the guys with a big stick) Music: Jack Link's signature music riff up. (Cut to Jack Link's package) Super: Feed Your Wild Side. messinwithsasquatch.com Anncr. (VO): Jack Link's Jerky. Feed your wild side.

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