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Philip Bonnery, art director
Alex Flint, writer
Lance Jensen/Gary Koepke, executive creative directors
Toby Irwin, director of photography
Avi Oron, editor
Bikini, editorial company
Noam Murro, director
Alex Frisch, Method Studios, special effects director
Eric Voegele, agency producer
Shawn Tessaro, executive producer
Charles Wolford, executive agency producer
Biscuit Films, production company
Method Studios, visual effects company
Modernista!, ad agency
General Motors, Hummer, client
Monster :60 (A monster crashes through a city, smashing everything in its path. It demolishes a huge building. As the building falls, it reveals a giant robot. The two monsters stare at each other. We think they are about to engage in battle, but then they fall in love. We follow them as their love deepens, until one day, it becomes clear that she is pregnant. Her pregnancy develops and she eventually gives birth. To an H3. The new small Hummer. Proud parents release their little one to the ground and watch as it takes its first turns on the asphalt) Super: It's a little Monster. The new H3.

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