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Scott Trattner, art director
Barton Corley/Alicia Dotter/Jason Sperling, writers
Barton Corley/Jason Sperling/Scott Trattner, associate creative directors
Eric Grunbaum/Duncan Milner, executive creative directors
Lee Clow, chief creative officer
Peter Donahue/Max Malkin, directors of photography
Lucas Eskin/Val Thrasher, editors
Brian Robinson, online editor
Mad River Post, editorial company
Phil Morrison, director
Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist
Anne Oburgh/Mike Refuerzo, agency producers
Epoch Films, production company
Company 3, post-production company
TBWA\Media Arts Lab, ad agency
Apple, Inc., client
Virus :30 (Open on a white seamless. PC guy and Mac guy are there. PC guy looks pale and sickly, with a bright red nose and watery eyes) Mac: Hello. I'm a Mac. PC: (his voice is nasally, stopped up) I'm a PC. (PC sneezes. Then, quickly, sneezes again) Mac: Gesundheit. (Mac hands PC a handkerchief.) You OK? PC: No, I'm not OK. I have that virus that's going around. You better stay back. This one's a doozy. MAC: That's OK, I'll be fine. PC: No, no, no—do not be a hero. Last year there were 114,000 known viruses for PCs. (PC's head is spinning) MAC: PCs… not Macs. (PC looks like he is about to fall over) PC: I think I'm gonna crash. MAC: OK, if you feel like that will help. (And with that PC passes out) Title: (Apple Logo) Mac. "Better Results" :30 (Open on two men standing side-by-side. One is the PC guy. One is the Mac guy. Mac: Hello I'm a Mac. PC: I'm a PC. (to Mac) You know, I actually just finished a home movie. Mac: That's so funny. I just finished my own home movie. I did it on iMovie. It was really easy. PC: Well I doubt it's as excellent as mine, but I would be happy to take a look. Mac: Yeah, that would be great. PC: Roll it. (A Mac home movie, in the form of Gisele Bündchen, walks up and stands next to Mac) Mac Movie: Hi. I'm a Mac home movie. Mac: It looks really professional, right? PC: (looking Mac Movie over, amazed) Well, great. Bye. Mac: Wait, what about yours? Can we see yours? PC: (nervous, fumbling for words) ummmm. Mac Movie: Please? PC: OK, sure. (PC relinquishes. A somewhat overweight, grubby-looking gentleman walks up and stands next to PC. He's dressed in drag and wearing a wig. He smiles) PC Movie: What's up, PC home movie. Title: (Apple Logo) Mac PC (VO): Work in progress. "Security" :30 (Open on Mac and PC against white background. Between the two is PC's "security," a Secret Service-looking man in a suit. He's wearing an earpiece and sunglasses) Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac. UAC: (to PC) Mac has issued a salutation. Cancel or allow? PC: (nervous) Allow. And I'm a PC. UAC: (to PC) You are returning Mac's salutation. Cancel or allow? PC: Allow. Mac: OK, what gives? UAC: (to PC) Mac is asking a question. Cancel or allow? PC: Allow. He's part of Vista, my new operating system. We PC's have a lot of security problems so he asks to authorize pretty much anything I do. UAC: (to PC) You are pointing out Vista's flaws. Cancel or allow? PC: Allow. I could turn him off…but then he wouldn't give me any warnings at all and that would defeat the purpose, so? UAC: (to PC) You are coming to a sad realization. Cancel or allow? Title: (Apple Logo) Mac PC: (bummed out) Allow.

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