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Pam Fujimoto, art director
Paul Bartow/Pierre Lipton, writers
Rob Smiley, creative director
Gerry Graf, executive creative director
Guillermo Navarro, director of photography
Angus Kneale, Flame artist
Rick Russell, editor
Final Cut, editorial company
Charles Trenet, music
Marshall Grupp, Marshall Grupp Sound Design, sound design
Fredrik Bond, director
Tim Masick, colorist
Nathy Aviram, producer
Jo Arghiris, visual effects producer
MJZ, production company
The Mill, visual effects company
TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, ad agency
Absolut, client
Protest :60 (Open on an angry crowd protesting in a city square. They're chanting and yelling. Facing them is a group of riot police, headed by a Captain shouting into a megaphone. The scene is tense, as if about to burst out into violence at any moment. Suddenly, something flies through the air towards the policemen. It bounces off their shields harmlessly. It's a pillow. The Captain, distracted by the pillow, turns back towards the crowd. As he does, a protestor breaks from the crowd, runs towards him and hits him in the face with another pillow. It bursts apart and feathers float harmlessly through the air) Music: "Boum," by Charles Trenet. (Suddenly, the fight is on. The police rush towards the protestors, raising pillows up into the air. The protestors charge the police, wielding their own pillows. The scene is chaotic and feathers are everywhere. Within the crowd, a policeman is about to hit a girl but pauses, taken by her beauty. She takes advantage of his hesitation and hits him with her own pillow. The battle gets more and more frenetic. Policemen unload more pillows off supply trucks. Protestors throw pillows down from the buildings above. Policemen rappel down from rooftops and get ambushed by protestors in windows. Catapults launch piles of pillows through the air. We see an armored car. Out of its gun slots are broomsticks with pillows tied to their ends, swinging back and forth. A protester climbs on top of the truck, throws a pillow into the hatch, and hops off. Plumes of feathers burst out of the truck. We see an overhead shot of the city with shadows of planes running over it. Cut to the planes themselves. They're rigged with nets full of pillows. Pilots release the pillows on the crowds below. The scene is completely out of control. Through a series of wider and wider shots we see more and more people pillow fighting. Finally, we see the town square. It's full of thousands of people taking part in the fight as even more planes fly overhead) Super: in an Absoute World (Fade to black. The word "THE" is supered. Next to it, the Absolut bottle turns to camera)

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