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Ben Wolan, art director
Rick Herrera, writer
Scott Duchon/Geoff Edwards, creative directors
Rob Bagot/John McNeil, executive creative directors
Steve Chivers, director of photography
Kirk Baxter, editor
Rock Paper Scissors, editorial company
Jim Hosking, director
Caroline Pham, line producer
Katie Rinki, agency producer
Shawn Lacy Tessaro/Erick Stern, executive producers
Biscuit Films, production company
McCann Erickson Worldgroup, ad agency
Microsoft XBox 360, client
Viva Piñata :60 (Open on a birthday party. Muted colors. One boy is eating cake and the other children are gathered around a boy with a stick, who is preparing to hit a piñata) Piñata (VO): Whoa. You could break me open and take my candy, but wouldn't you like something better? I'll tell you a secret: I'm a magical piñata, and if you get me down from here I'll grant you all your wishes. (Cut to children watching in amazement as the piñata explains what he can do) Piñata (VO): For you, an X-ray machine. For you, a pet cobra. How about sunscreen? Pants that fit. Trevor, karate lessons? Just get me down and it's all yours. C'mon. Come on. (Children lift the pinata down on the ground) Piñata (VO): Just so we're clear, kids, I'm not magical. (Runs to the bushes) Giddy up! Yah! Yah! That was acting children! Bravo for me! Piñatas have a better place to go. (He darts through the bushes. Cut to brightly colored animated film, filled with various piñatas) Anncr. (VO): Piñatas have a better place to go. You can build it and fill it with all things piñatas love. Super: Rated G for everyone. XBox 360.

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