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Daryl Gardiner, art director/associate creative director
Michael Mayes, writer
Dan Fietsam, creative director
Mark Gross, group creative director
Alan Russell/Bob Scarpelli, chief creative officers
Max Malkin, director of photography
Katz, editor
Cosmo Street, editorial company
Stimmung, sound design
Phil Joanou, director
Will St. Clair, executive agency producer
MJZ, production company
AXYZ, visual effects company
DDB Canada/DDB Chicago, ad agencies
Anheuser-Busch, client
Rubber Floor :30 (Open on a guy at home in his kitchen. He calls out to his friend in the living room) Frank: Hey, want a Bud Light? Mike: Yeah. (He tosses a Bud Light at the floor. It bounces into his friend's hand) Mike: Whoa. (Frank points to his floors) Frank: Rubber floors, just had 'em installed. Now, we'll never break a Bud Light. (He grabs another Bud Light from the fridge, bounces it off the floor and catches it again. His buddy is impressed) Mike: Nice. (This sets off a series of shots of the guys using the rubber floors extensively. Mike bounces a Bud Light through his legs to Frank, who does a no look catch. They're both sitting on the couch and Frank asks for the remote) Frank: Remote. (Mike bounces the remote to him off the floor. Frank bounce-passes three Bud Lights to his friends watching TV) Anncr. (VO): Refreshingly smooth Bud Light. Always worth it. Bottle shot: Bud Light. Super: Always worth it. (Cut to a young woman coming through the front door, with a case of Bud Light. She says a cheery "Hi" to the house dog) Jill: Hi! (The dog perks up, jumps off the chair, bounces off the rubber floor and flies out the front door. The girl ducks. The two guys look over) Mike: Too much bounce? Frank: Maybe. © 2006 Anheuser-Busch, Inc., Bud Light ® Beer, St. Louis, MO

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