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Geordie Stephens/Mark Taylor, art directors
Amir Farhang/Franklin Tipton, writers
Rob Reilly/Mark Taylor, creative directors
Andrew Keller, executive creative director
Alex Bogusky, chief creative officer
Scott Henriksen, director of photography
Dan Aronin, assistant editor
Chan Hatcher, editor
Rock Paper Scissors, editorial company
Beacon Street, music
Paul Hunter, director
D. Todd Davidovich/Andy Davis/Wensen Ho, visual effects artists
Robert Tatum/Cecile Tecson, visual effects assistants
Robert Owens, visual effects supervisor
Stefan Sonnenfeld, Telecine and visual effects director
Bill Frazee, project director
Yole Barrera/Tim Lynch/Robert Owens, producers
Chris Kyriakos, senior integrated producer
Rupert Samuel, executive integrated producer
Bill Meadows, executive integrated music producer
Kirsten Emhoff, executive producer
Michael McQuhae, production company producer
Nathan Stoebner, post-production supervisor
H.S.I., production company
Riot, post-production company
Crispin Porter + Bogusky, ad agency
Burger King, client
"The Stuff of Legend" :60 (Open on the chicken changer standing by a table full of chicken fries) Chicken Changer: My name is Steve Weller. I'm the BK® Chicken changer. It's my job to get BK™ Chicken Fries in the car when it comes in for the pit stop. I grab twelve pieces of all-white meat, get the sauce open. Make sure he's got it going. Super: Participation may vary. (Cut to BK® race car pulling in for a pit stop. The chicken changer places the chicken fry container in the car and opens the sauce. Cut to veteran racer) Veteran Racer #1: I wish we'd had that back when I was racing. They used to hand me the chicken on a pole through the window. (Cut to veteran racer #2 holding a stick with an entire chicken on it) Veteran Racer #2: Now this was quite an invention we had here. You see how we'd put this chicken on that pole and they'd run that car in there real fast and they'd stick that chicken right in there, in your face. It was a mess. (Cut to a pole with a whole fried chicken being passed to the driver through the window. The driver grabs it, drives off back onto the track) Veteran Racer #1: Then they came up with the drum stick. Veteran Racer #2: They'd usually pass it through to the driver through the window and he'd grab it the best way he could, and try to munch away. (Cut to car pit. A crew member throws drumsticks into the car) Veteran Racer #1: You get the grease all over your hands and it goes right to the steering wheel. SUPER: Stunt driver. Closed Course. Do Not Attempt. (The old stock car roars down the track, wobbles, then loses control, spinning, tires smoking Veteran Racer #2: Well then, they incorporated the chicken sandwich and you know that didn't work out at all. (Cut to inside of a stock car. A driver tries to keep a sandwich together, but it falls apart forcing him to take his eyes off the road. Result: the car spins out of control, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake. Cut to chicken changer. Chicken Changer: I absolutely love it. It's a great job. Can't ask for more. You gotta be in first place all the time. Chicken fries are number one. Veteran Racer: You gotta feed the need, the need for chicken fries. BURGER KING® HAVE IT YOUR WAY®

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