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Mike Costello/John Parker, art directors
Marc Einhorn/Evan Fry/Alex Russell, writers
Tom Adams/John Kearse, creative directors
Alex Bogusky/Pete Favat, chief creative officers
Geoffrey O'Connor, director of photography
Aaron P. Langley/Lawrence Young, editors
Cosmo Street, editorial company
Sound Lounge, sound design
Rob Sayers/Eric Warzecha, sound engineers
Eddy Moretti, director
Chris Kyriakos/Rupert Samuel, producers
James Blom/Jim Czarencki/Ben Dietz/Monica Hampton, production company producers
Vice Films, production company
Riot, post-production company
Arnold/Crispin Porter + Bogusky, ad agencies
American Legacy Foundation/Truth, client

The tobacco industry makes a product that kills about 1,200 people every day. What's crazier than that? Well, for starters, they've been manufacturing this product for over a hundred years now. And they continue to do so even after the landmark Master Settlement Agreement forced them to pony up the largest monetary settlement in history. It seems ridiculous, right? Well, it is. And in defending their business, the tobacco industry says the darnedest things. Things that make you want to ask "whudafxup?" And through the investigative work of our man-on-the-scene, Derrick, that's what this campaign aims to find out. "Actor Interview" :60 (Open on Derrick with actor Nick Cannon) Super: Truth presents Whudafxup with labeling. Derrick: Hey Nick. Glad you came in. Good to see you. So what's going on in your life? Nick: Everything man, ya know it doesn't stop. Derrick: You ever get freaked out or have any kind of like self-esteem problems? Nick: (as he shakes his head no) Never. Derrick: Given who you are I just imagine you must get nervous, like you must have a bunch of 40s around you that you drink. You look like a big 40 drinker. What about when you're preparing for your show, who reads the scripts to you? Nick: Who reads it to me? I mean, I read it myself. Derrick: You can read? Nick: I can read well, but why don't you believe me? Derrick: Prove it to me. Nick reads: Back in the 1980s, tobacco companies labeled African-Americans as less-educated, prefer malt-liquor and have problems with their own self-esteem. Where'd that come from? Derrick: From a tobacco company, actually Nick: Pretty sad. Derrick: Labeling African-Americans as less-educated, malt-liquor drinkers? (Cut to the whudafxup clapper. Cut to black) "Gun Store" (Open on Derrick walking into a Gun & Ammo store) Super: Truth presents whudafxup with lights? Gun Dealer Woman: Hello. Derrick: Hey how are you? I was wondering if you sell any bullets that are like 38 lights? (Montage of Derrick talking to gun dealers in different stores) Gun Dealer Man 1: Uhh�.there's really no such thing as that. Derrick: (As he points to a box of bullets on the counter) They kind of look like they may be lights. Gun Dealer Man 2: No they wouldn't be lights. Gun Dealer Man 3: Sorry Derrick: Do these come in ultra-lights or like low lead? Gun Dealer Man 2: Nope. Gun Dealer Man 4: No. Derrick: So when I fire it. Gun Dealer Man 4: No Gun Dealer Man 1: You want a bullet that's just gonna hit somebody and it's not going to do any damage? Derrick: You know what I mean, like a light bullet? Gun Dealer Man 5: Yeah, nah there's no real light bullet. Derrick: That's weird because I've read it on this other package, a cigarette package and I was just wondering. Gun Dealer Woman: Uh huh. Derrick: Did you know that Big Tobacco labels their cigarettes with things like ultra-light, light, low-tar even though they can be as deadly and addictive as regular cigarettes? Gun Dealer Man 4: The same way you're not going to find safe healthy cigarettes, you're not going to find safe, healthy bullets either. Derrick: Labeling deadly cigarettes as light and ultra-light? (Cut to the whudafxup clapper. Cut to black)


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