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Daniel Fisher/Guy Moore, art directors
Richard Brim/Tony Malcolm, writers
Tony Malcolm/Guy Moore, creative directors
Jim Thorton, executive creative director
Nanu Segal, director of photography
Owen Oppenheimer, editor
Parv Thind, sound designer
John Hardwick, director
Emmalou Johnson, agency producer
Laura Kanerick, production company producer
HLA, production company
Leo Burnett London, ad agency
Nikki Edwards, UK Government, Department for Transport, client
Moment of Doubt :50 (Open in a pub where Matt, sitting with some mates, heads towards the bar, to order another drink) Barman: Yes sir? (Matt leans towards the barman. At that moment the lights go off and everything freezes apart from the barman, who is illuminated by a spotlight. The barman then talks to him in a series of different voices, each with its own individual set of mannerisms. First he talks to Matt with a man's voice) Barman/PC: Sir, hello. Would you mind stepping out the car and doing a breath test? (The barman then clasps his hands together and adopts a matter of fact, business-like look) Barman/solicitor: Look you had two pints, you were over the limit—that's a twelve month ban and a criminal record. (The barman now adopts an authoritative manner and speaks with the voice of a middle-aged guy) Barman/boss: Hey, it's company policy. I've got to let you go. (The barman suddenly becomes very animated. He also has a slightly insincere air about him) Barman/car dealer: I know it's only got 20,000 on the clock but that's my final offer. (The barman adopts a disappointed, older man's voice) Barman/Dad: I'm sorry son. Ask your mother. (The barman changes again. This time he has the unmistakable air of a dismayed mother) Barman/Mum: Don't 'Mum' me, how could you be so stupid? (The barman now speaks in a young woman's voice) Barman/girlfriend: Oh that's just great, Matt! No license, no job. Now what? (Matt lifts his head, the lights come on and we are at the same point we left off) Barman: So, what's it gonna be? Super: Think, don't drink and drive.

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