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Kenny Herzog/Clay Weiner, writers/directors
Jim Larmon/Chuck Rachford/Chris Roe, creative directors
Mark Gross, group creative director
Paul Tilley, managing director, creative
Elliot Davis/Jenna Rosher, directors of photography
Tom Vogt, editor
MacKenzie Cutler, editorial company/sound design
Elias Arts, music company
Will St. Clair, executive producer
Diane Jackson, executive director of production
Tool of North America, production company
DDB Chicago, ad agency
Anheuser-Busch, client
Dude :60 (Open on Jason sitting on the sofa watching TV. His roommate comes and sits down very close to him) Jason: Dude. (Roommate moves over a little bit. Cut to office cubicle. Man is looking at his computer and tapping his pencil on the desk) Jason: (In the next cube) Dude. (Man stops tapping. Cut to Jason on the sofa with his girlfriend. Roommate is at the other end of the sofa) Jason: (Whisper) Dude. (Roommate leaves. Cut to Jason at the refrigerator. He takes out a carton of milk and sniffs it) Jason: Dude? (Cut to Jason cutting in the kitchen. He hears a noise and moves out of the kitchen with the knife in his hand) Jason: Dude? (Cut to a line of people waiting at the box office. Man cuts in the line near the front. Jason steps out of line and questions the man) Jason: Dude? (Jason is playing touch football with friends and calls to the quarterback) Jason: (shouting) Dude! (Cut to Jason and friend sitting at a bar waiting to be served. Barman sets a Bud Light in front of Jason and a glass of champagne in front of his friend) Super: ©2007 Anheuser-Busch, Inc., Bud Light® Beer, St. Louis, MO Please drink responsibly. Jason: (Looking with distain at the champagne) Dude. Graphic: [Bud Light logo] Super: www.budlight.com

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