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Stefan Copiz/Stephen Goldblatt/Sorenne Gottlieb, art directors
Paul Charney/Jody Horn/Mike McKay, writers
Steve Simpson, creative director
Stephen Goldblatt/Mike McKay, group creative directors
Rich Silverstein, chief creative officer
Tim Ives/Dan Ming, directors of photography
Chris Abel/Robb Hoffman, assistant editors
David Blackburn/Olivier Gajan, editors
Cosmo Street/Jigsaw/Madacre, editorial companies
Olivier Gondry/Joseph Kahn, directors
Cathleen Kisich/Jen Moore/Vicki Tripp, agency producers
Josh Reynolds, executive agency producer
Michael McQuhae/Sheila Stepanek, production company producers
Sybil McCarthy Hadfield, post-production producer
HSI Productions/Partizan, production companies
8 VFX/Stardust, visual effects companies
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, ad agency
Hewlett-Packard, client
Michel :60 Michel Gondry: I love experimenting with film, stop motion and digital effects. I use my computer to connect these three worlds. What else do I do? I manipulate images. I transform photos people send me then e-mail them back. What a mess, my computer needs a maid. My son does amazing paintings. Ahhh! I photograph them so I can post them on his Web site. I love playing music too. I even did the music for this commercial on my computer. I visit Google, to see how many hits I get (echo: "hits I get") and how many hits other people get too. It's funny. I dream a lot, but I'm not a very good sleeper. Anncr. (VO): HP Notebooks. The computer is personal again. "Serena" :60 Serena Williams: My computer knows everything I am, and everything I want to be. Here's my photo gallery. Dad took these, almost like he knew something. I track my competition online. See who's got game, and who doesn't. Goodbye! Before a match, I listen to Andre...so good. Here's what they tell me I'm going to look like in my new video game. Yeah, there it is. Whoa! What do you think of this new design I'm working on with Nike? I like that. I do a little acting too. So I'm always studying movies. You've gotta check out this one. And I'm always collecting inspiration for my line. It's called Aneres, but it's designed by Serena. Anncr. (VO): HP Notebooks. The computer is personal again. "Jerry" :60 Jerry Seinfeld: Well, If I'm gonna do one of those HP Computer hands commercial things, I gotta be impressive. Here's my newly designed basketball stadium. Wait, that's not me. This is more me. But I'm always looking for new places. This place looks cool. I don't think I'd feel comfortable there. Oops! Sorry. I did a TV show about New York and now I've made a movie that takes place in New York except in this, I'm a bee! Hang on, message from the wife. Oh it's a manuscript for her new cookbook that gets kids eating better without them knowing it. (To kid in book) There's carrots in there you know! She's a genius. Oops. Sorry again. Can I have a moment to myself so I can follow the game with my baseball gadget?! Oh! And you're outta there! Oh, message from Dreamworks…Don't forget two Bee Movie mentions in HP spot. Fine. Barry Bee (VO): That's two! Jerry: You know what? This is a business lunch. Anncr. (VO): HP Notebooks. The computer is personal again.

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