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Marcus Wesson, art director
Miguel Caballero, writer
Miguel Caballero/Marcus Wesson, associate creative directors
Kevin McCarthy/Jeff Spiegel, group creative directors
Mark Monteiro, chief creative officer
Daniel Reid, editor
David Hollien, director
Brian Grannan, interactive producer
Carole Ferrari, broadcast producer
The Ant Farm, editorial company
Sonic Pool, post-production company
RCR, production company
APM, music company
DDB Los Angeles, ad agency
Activision, client
Online Advertising (Open on title screen with Putin's image on yellow) Super: Vladimir Putin's Game Review. Music: Under and up, Russian-sounding, upbeat. (Cut to Putin at a press conference, reading from a statement. Behind him are graphics, like a newscast) Putin: Have reviewed video game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. (Cut to game footage) Putin (VO): First, good news: very realistic graphics and weapons. Now, bad news: very implausible story with stolen Russian nukes that I find disgusting like Polish vodka. (Cut back to Putin at the conference) Super Up: Two hammer/sickle graphics. Putin: For this, must give 2.0 review out of possible 10. (Cut to multiplayer game footage) Putin (VO): However, multiplayer is different story. Very fun. (Cut back to Putin at press conference) Super: ShootinPutin187 Putin: Gamer tag is ShootinPutin187.' (Cut back to multiplayer footage) Putin (VO): I create special class of sniper with own perks called Russian Bear. Am silent but deadly, like a Boris Yeltsin fart. Super Up: Ten hammer/sickle graphics. Putin (VO): Give 10.0 rating for multiplayer. (Cut to title screen, then to product shot) Logos: [TBD] Game rating: M. Music: Under and up, Russian national anthem with male voices. Anncr. (VO): (with Russian accent) Rated "M" for Mature.

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