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Stuart Campbell/Mike Kirkland/Tim Piper, art directors
Mike Kirkland/Tim Piper, writers
Janet Kestin/Nancy Vonk, chief creative officers
Mark Sheehan, assistant editor
Kevin Gibson, editor
Marc Laliberte Else, director of photography
Mark Belvedere/Mike Kirkland/Tim Piper, photographers
Tim Piper, director
Brenda Surminski, agency producer
Jeff McDougall, producer
Soho Post, post-production company
Steam Films/Worldwide Production Services, production companies
EMI Music, music company
Ogilvy & Mather Toronto, ad agency
Unilever Canada, client

Online Advertising (Open on black screen as music begins) Music: "Here It Comes" plays throughout the spot. Super: A Dove film (Close-up of young girl, she smiles) Super: Onslaught. (What follows is an onslaught of images of various bus shelters, billboards and ads. Cut to music video of two young women dancing, then a TV set with a close-up of a beautiful model's face, then store window mannequins. Cut to various quick cuts of commercials with the spokeswomen) Spokeswomen (VO): "You'll look younger, smaller, lighter, firmer, tighter, softer. (Cut to shots of meals on a plate becoming smaller. Cut to woman exercising. Cut to a woman on a scale getting thinner and larger in time lapse...food disappearing from a plate...back to woman on scale. Cut to woman throwing up in toilet. Cut to footage of liposuction, breast implants, face lifts, nose jobs, etc. Cut to group of young girls crossing the street) Super: Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does. (Redheaded girl from the opening shot walks through looking directly to camera, covering the super. Fade to black) Super: For tools and resources to help raise self-esteem visit the campaignforrealbeauty.com Logo: Dove


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