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Craig Allen, art director
Eric Kallman, writer
Ian Reichenthal/Scott Vitrone, group creative directors
Gerry Graf, executive creative director
Angus Kneale, Flame artist
Erik Laroi, assistant editor
Gavin Cutler/Ian MacKenzie, editors
MacKenzie Cutler, editorial company
Tom Kuntz, director
Tim Masick, colorist
Jo Arghiris/Scott Kaplan, producers
Nathy Aviram, agency producer
MJZ, production company
The Mill, visual effects company
TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, ad agency
Mars, Inc., client
Piñata :45 (Open in a break room. A few people are having conversations and drinking coffee. Suddenly, the room falls quiet as one of their coworkers enters the room. The man entering looks like a piñata, his entire body, including his chocolate-colored brown suit, is made from small pieces of colored paper. He is wearing bandages, has one arm in a sling and limps using a crutch. Tension builds as he approaches another coworker) Piñata Man: Is this what you were looking for? New Chocolate flavored Skittles? (The Piñata Man drops a pack of Chocolate Mix Skittles on the table in front of the co-worker) Co-worker: I'm really sorry. (The Piñata Man gets more and more emotional as he speaks) Pinata Man: What'd you think was going to happen Steven? Did you think you were going to hit me with that bat and little chocolaty candies would come pouring out? Co-worker: (ashamed) Yes. Piñata Man: I have to buy my Skittles downstairs, like everybody else. (The Piñata Man begins to walk away. But, consumed with emotion, he turns around and yells to the room) Piñata Man: (yelling) I'm just like everyone else! (Cut to the Chocolate Mix Skittles end treatment) Super: Chocolate the rainbow. Super: Taste the rainbow.

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