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Isabela Ferreira, art director
Jonathan Ozer, writer
Mike Roe, group creative director
Dan Fietsam, executive creative director
Steve Stein, editor
Cutters, editorial company
Dave Gerbosi, sound designer
Brian Billow, director
Maria Xerogianes, agency producer
Brigette Whisnant, executive director of production
Hungry Man, production company
Energy BBDO, ad agency
Chicago White Sox, client
“Lefty” :30 (Open on A.J. Pierzynski talking into camera) A.J.: I’ve got a couple of traditions. Like if I’m catching against a lefthander. I’ve got to use my left hand for everything that day. (Cut to A.J. in locker room. Buttoning shirt with left hand) A.J.: If there’s a lefty pitching that night on the mound... (Cut to him trying to do various tasks with his left hand. Attempting Rubik’s Cube and it falls onto ground) A.J.: (VO) ...I’ve got to do everything with my left hand. (Cut back to locker room. Jersey is improperly buttoned) A.J.: It’s kind of my thing. (Cut to him signing child’s baseball. Writes A.J. in huge sloppy letters. Kid looks confused) A.J.: Here you go buddy. (Cut to him trying to button his shirt and pants. He’s having some trouble) A.J.: Is it a hassle? I don’t know. (Close up on his face. He’s covered in nicks from shaving) A.J.: Is winning a hassle? (Still struggling with shirt and pants. Beuhrle walks by) A.J.: Hey Beuhrles mind giving me a hand here? Beuhrle: Absolutely not. A.J. (VO): We need to draft more righties. Super: White Sox logo

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