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Jason Norcross, writer
Dan Bragg/Glenn Cole, Discovery Channel, creative directors
Bryan Rowles, design director
Max Goldman, Outsider, director of photography
Lucas Eskin, Mad River Post, editor
Brian Chapman, Beacon Street Studios, music composer
Loren Silber, Lime Studios, sound engineer
James Rouse, Outsider, director
Alex Kolansinski, Method, visual effects artist
Stefan Sonnenfeld, Company 3, Telecine colorist
Kevin Lahr, Discovery Channel, line producer
Alex Schneider, project director
Jeremy Barrett, Outsider/Ann Kirk, Mad River Post/Adrea Lavezzoli, Method/Helena Lee, Beacon Street Studios, producers
Angelo Ferrugia, agency producer
Sam Baerwald, executive agency producer
72andSunny, ad agency
Julie Willis, Discovery Channel, client
I Love the World :60 (Open on astronauts hovering above Earth) Astronaut 1 (VO): It never gets old, huh? Astronaut 2 (VO): Nope. Astronaut 1 (VO): It kinda makes you want to... Astronaut 2 (VO): Break into song? Astronauts (VO): (singing) I love big bridges (Cut to the Millau Viaduct bridge) Astronauts (VO): (singing) I love when great whites fly (Cut to a great white shark jumping out of the ocean) Singer: I love the whole world. (Cut to a shot of the Hong Kong skyline at night) Singer: And all its sights and sounds. (Cut to Alaskan crab fishermen on a Crab Boat) Singers: Boom dee ada, boom dee ada (Cut to African tribe dancing) Singer: Boom dee ada, boom dee ada (Cut to a surfer paddling to catch a wave) Singer: I love the oceans. (Cut to Mike Rowe in a sewer with rats, Dirty Jobs) Singer: I love real dirty things. (Cut to a man in a land speed record-breaking vehicle) Singer: I love to go fast. (Cut to a scientist examining an Egyptian mummy) Singer: I love Egyptian kings. (Cut to a temple of Buddhist monks) Singer: I love the whole world. (Cut to a deep sea sub with James Cameron) Singer: And all its craziness. (Cut to a Dilated Peoples concert) Singer: Boom dee ada, boom dee ada (Cut to Josh Bernstein standing in front of a tornado) Singer:  I love tornados (Cut to Bear Grylls examining a tarantula, Man vs Wild) Singer: I love Arachnids. (Cut to a man in a fire proximity suit) Singer: I love hot magma. (Cut to a Humbolt squid) Singer: I love the giant squids (Cut to people on a beach watching fireworks) Singer: I love the whole world, it's such a brilliant place Chorus: Boom dee ada, boom dee ada... Super: World is Just Awesome. Super: Discovery Channel logo

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