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Gianfranco Arena, art director
Peter Kain, writer
Gianfranco Arena/Peter Kain, creative directors
Greg Hahn/Mike Smith, executive creative directors
Bill Bruce/David Lubars, chief creative officers
Bob Gantz, director of photography
Dave Anderson, editor
Mackenzie Cutler, editorial company
Jim Jenkins, director
Loren Parkins, agency music producer
Amy Wertheimer, executive agency producer
O Positive, production company
Method, post-production company
BBDO New York, ad agency
FedEx, client
Nordic Tuesday :30 (Open in an office. A group of employees, dressed in winter clothing, are huddled around a trash can fire for warmth) Guy 1: Carol, when you replaced Casual Friday with Nordic Tuesday was it really for fun or to save money on heat? Woman: Why, don't you think Nordic Tuesday's fun? Guy 1: (unconvincingly) Oh, no, it's fun. (A FedEx courier walks up to them) Courier: You know, if you're trying to cut costs, FedEx can help. We've got express options, fast ground and freight service. You can save money, and keep the heat on. Woman: Great idea. Guy 1: That's a great idea. Woman: Well, if Nordic Tuesday wasn't so much fun. (Courier awkwardly nods in agreement. Cut to the bathroom where one worker is huddled under a hot air dryer while working on a laptop) Anncr. (VO) and Super: We understand. You need to save money. FedEx.

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