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Scott Kaplan/Tom Kraemer, art directors/writers
Scott Kaplan/Tom Kraemer/Mike Smith, creative directors
Greg Hahn, executive creative director
Bill Bruce/David Lubars, chief creative officers
Bob Gantz, director of photography
Ian Mackenzie, editor
Mackenzie Cutler, editorial company
Bang, music company
Jim Jenkins, director
Theresa Ward, associate producer
Loren Parkins, agency music producer
Ed Zazzera, executive agency producer
O Positive, production company
Schmigital, post-production company
BBDO New York, ad agency
eBay, client
"Civil War" :30 (Open on a battlefield. Both Union and Confederate soldiers are preparing for battle. Cut to two Union soldiers advancing. A third soldier joins them. He's wearing a Revolutionary War British Redcoat outfit. Phil: Frank, what are you doing? Frank: Fighting the rebels, Phil. Phil: You're ruining the entire Civil War reenactment. Frank: Look, I know it's the wrong war and all. But I got this great deal on eBay, so… (Union soldier #2 admires Frank's Redcoat outfit) Soldier #2: Wow, that's an authentic British Redcoat. (A Confederate soldier who's supposed to be playing dead, lifts his arm to point to Frank's Redcoat) Dead Guy: That's beautiful. Frank: Oh, hey, Ed. Dead Guy: I love the lace. (Soldier#2 steps close to admire the detail) Soldier #2: And look at this embroidery. Frank: (proudly) I know. It's just so gorgeous. Phil: It's the wrong century. (From off camera, another Union soldier, John, enters on a Segway. As he cruises by, he glances over at Phil) John: Lighten up, Phil. Anncr. (VO): Deals that will have people talking. Find them on eBay.

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