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Sezay Altinok, art director
Mark Bernath/Eric Quennoy, creative directors
Jeff Kling/John Norman, executive creative directors
Richard Starkey, editor
Rens Pluijm, sound designer
The Ambassadors, sound design
Brent Harris, director
Saskia Kok/Gersom Middelink, producers
Elissa Singstock/Erik-Jan Verheijen, agency producers
Rabbit Content, production company
Hectic Electric & AVP, post-production company
Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, ad agency
Nike, client
Bad Listener :60 (Open on suburban home of Oscar Pistorius—Oscar's childhood home. Cut inside. Into a kid's bedroom. We see things symbolic of Oscar's first years. A wheelchair with books stacked on it. It is clearly not used) Oscar (VO): They told me that I'd never walk… (Pan across the bedroom to see small sport trophies and medals on the shelves. On top of the small trophies are the small players) Oscar (VO): …I'd never compete with the other kids... (Cut to a water polo pool. A set of prosthetics stand on the side of the pool) Oscar (VO): …it wasn't in me to play water polo. (Cut to a school rugby team in a huddle from the POV of a kid joining them) Oscar (VO): …They told me I'd never make the team… (Cut to a shot of the honors board at Pretoria Boys with the name of Oscar) Oscar (VO): …They told me the choir was trying out next Tuesday…. (Cut to a rider's POV on a motocross track) Oscar (VO): …motocross wasn't for people like me… (Cut to front shot of Oscar running) Oscar (VO): …And a man with no legs can't run… (Cut to a powerful profile shot of Oscar running. And back to our front-on shot) Oscar (VO): ….Anything else you want to tell me? Logo: Swoosh Super: Just do it

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