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Jamie Reilly, art director
Kevin Tenglin/Krista Wicklund, writers
Ryan Conlan, interactive designer
Chuck Monn, associate creative director
Jason Sperling, creative director
Eric Grunbaum/Duncan Milner, executive creative directors
Lee Clow, chief creative officer
Ben Foushee, editor
Peter Donahue, director of photography
Phil Morrison, director
Kathryn Berthume/Joannah Bryan, interactive producers
Chrissy Gilmartin/Mike Refuerzo, broadcast producers
Filmcore, editorial company
Epoch Films, production company
TBWA\Media Arts Lab, ad agency
Apple Inc., client
Booby Trap (Open on Mac and PC in the vertical board. Next to PC is a ladder. PC is holding a battery and jumper cables. Leaderboard says "'iLife is still the best suite out there…' Four and a half stars – PC Mag. See iLife in Action Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac. PC: And I'm a PC. So, congratulations Mac even my own PC Magazine seems to love your iLife '09. (As PC is talking, he is placing the battery on top of the ladder and walking up the steps with the jumper cables) Mac: Oh, thanks buddy, what are you doing? PC: Setting a little booby trap. Mac: Huh? PC: You see, I can't let people see iLife '09 in action so I'm going to electrify this banner. Anyone who clicks on this button is going to get a mild electric shock. (PC attaches the cables to the bottom of the leaderboard banner) Mac: Don't do that, that's never gonna work PC, please don't. PC: Oh its gonna work, watch. (PC gently touches the banner. There's a flash and then PC's clothing is charred and smoke is rising) Mac: Oh boy. PC: (smoke comes out of PC's mouth) What just happened? Mac: Buddy I think you should come down from there. PC: Oh I remember now, I was going to test it. Mac: No, no, no! Title:  Mac

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