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Rob Kendall, Wieden+Kennedy Portland, art director
Eric Samsel, Wieden+Kennedy Portland, writer
Joseph Chan ("Walk on Water"), designer
Jed Alger/Aaron Allen, Wieden+Kennedy Portland, creative directors
Jelly Helm/Steve Luker, Wieden+Kennedy Portland, executive creative directors
Colin Woods, editor
David Morrison, director of photography
Eric Almeras ("Walk on Water")/Matt Motal/Amy Paskow ("Walk on Water")/John Tumlin ("Walk on Water")/Danny Yoon ("Walk on Water"), visual effects artists
Mathew Cullen, Motion Theory, director
Ben Grylewicz/Stanny Park, Wieden+Kennedy Portland/Jeff Selis, producers
Patrick Nugent, post-production producer
Ben Grylewicz, Motion Theory/Javier Jimenez, Wieden+Kennedy Portland, executive producers
Motion Theory, post-production company/production company
Wieden+Kennedy Portland, ad agency
EA Sports, client
Walk on Water :60 (VO): We got the new Tiger Woods 08. Best game ever! Got the new feature: he can stand on water, lets see. (Cut to live action) Typed: Levinator 25, you seem to think your jesus shot video was a glitch in the game. (Cut to a golf ball landing on a lilly pad. Camera zooms out to reveal we're on a golf course with Tiger Woods and he just hit the ball into the pond. He removes his shoes and begins to walk on the surface of the water toward the golf ball. With one swing, he knocks the ball out of the pond, sinks it in the hole and casually walks back to land) (VO): It's not a glitch. He's just that good. Logo. "Square Peg Round Hole Round Hole" :30 (Open on a Rubik's cube. Camera pulls back to reaveal a golf course. Tiger Woods is the one shaping the Rubik's cube. He places the cube on the course like a golf ball, and chips the cube into the hole. Camera zooms back to Tiger Woods) SFX: Clapping Woods: Solved! Typed: Show the world your shot with EA Sports GamerNet. Logo

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