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Gianfranco Arena, art director
Gianfranco Arena/Peter Kain, creative directors
Greg Hahn/Mike Smith, executive creative directors
Bill Bruce/David Lubars, chief creative officers
Robert Yeoman, director of photography
Gavin Cutler, editor
Mackenzie Cutler, editorial company
Jim Jenkins, director
Kimberly Clarke, associate producer
Rani Vaz, agency music producer
Amy Wertheimer, executive agency producer
O Positive, production company
BBDO New York, ad agency
FedEx, client
Presentation Guy :30 (Open in an office. The boss leans out of his door) Boss: Hey—who’s our best presentation guy? Worker 1: Carl. Boss: (to his secretary) Tell Carl he’s coming to New York with me. (Cut to a meeting room. At the head of a giant table is a guy who does not seem to belong. The boss is sitting next to him, while talking on the phone) Boss: I thought you said Carl was our best presentation guy. Worker 1 (VO): (on the phone) Well, he is. Just last week he told my team about FedEx Office Print Online for our presentations. We upload it to FedEx Office, then they print, bind and ship it. The presentation looks good, right? Boss: Yes, but... Worker 1 (VO): (on the phone) Wait, you didn’t actually bring Carl with you… (The boss puts the phone down, dreading what’s to come. Carl clears his throat, then rises to speak) Carl: Good morning—(awkward pause) but I digress. (VO)/Super: We understand. You need presentations done right. FedEx Office Print Online Super: FedEx Office. FedEx Kinko’s is now FedEx Office: fedex.com/Super: fedex.com/weunderstand “Luck” :30 Open in a modern office of a small business. A few employees are sitting around a table working. One woman looks at her Blackberry and reads a message) Woman: Charles needs those contracts tomorrow morning. We should send them overnight with FedEx. Guy 1: I already sent them. I didn’t use FedEx. Woman: Well, you better cross your fingers. (The guy holds up his hands, immobilized in casts) Guy 2: Oh, yeah. The accident. Guy 3: Well, you better knock on wood. (Guy 1, looking more nervous, looks for some wood) GUY 3: No remember, we did a green renovation in here. There’s no wood. Russ bought a rabbit’s foot. (Cut to Russ, walking by, eating a pastry) Russ: It’s a bear claw. Woman: You could throw salt over your shoulder. (Guy 1, now panicking, runs up to a nearby desk, grabs what looks like a shaker of salt from a woman sitting at her desk eating lunch, and begin furiously shaking it over his shoulder) Woman at the desk: Actually that’s a salt substitute. But you should find Dan, I think he’s a leprechaun. (Cut to a short red-headed guy in a green jacket) Short Guy: What is it about me that says leprechaun? Could someone tell me, please? Someone? Woman at the desk: You should have used FedEx. Super: We understand. You need reliable overnight shipping. Super: FedEx Express Super: fedex.com/weunderstand “Kyle” :30 (Open in a small office. A guy walks past a cubicle, then stops, noticing something strange. He asks the guy in the next cubicle) Guy 1: Hey, who’s this? (Cut inside the cubicle to see a kid aorund ten years old, sitting on a beanbag, playing a video game) Guy 2: Oh that’s Kyle. He aced his fifth grade geography class. You see, now that we’re using FedEx to ship globally, I have to learn all the countries again, so I brought in Kyle as a consultant. Did you know that we have customers in Czechoslovakia? Kyle: Actually, it’s called the Czech Republic. Guy 2: Yes, Kyle. You are a lifesaver. You know, without Kyle I never would have heard of that new country called Buttheadistan. (Guy 1 looks at the kid, wo quietly shushes him) (VO)/Super: We understand. You want to grow internationally. Anncr. (VO): FedEx serves over 220 countries and territories. Super: FedEx Express Super: fedex.com/weunderstand

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