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Gianfranco Arena, art director
Peter Kain, writer
Gianfranco Arena/Peter Kain, creative directors
David Lubars, chief creative officer
Emmanuel Lubezki, director of photography
Ian Mackenzie, editor
Mackenzie Cutler, editorial company
Tom Jucarone, sound designer
Sound Lounge, sound design
Craig Gillespie, director
Tim Masick, colorist
Amy Wertheimer, executive agency producer
MJZ, production company
Mass Market, post-production company
Company 3, visual effects company
BBDO New York, ad agency
Mars Snackfood US, Snickers, client
Game :30 (Open on a group of college-age guys playing a football game in the park. The play begins. One player looks out of place—famous actress Betty White, She lines up, then starts running slowly when the ball is hiked. The ball is thrown to her. She misses it badly. Another player hits her hard and she falls to the ground. Cut to her, now all muddy, walking back to the huddle. Coach: Mike, come on! Quarterback (to Betty): Mike—what is your deal, man? Betty: Oh come on man, you've been riding me all day. Player 2: Mike! You're playing like Betty White out there. Betty: That's not what your girlfriend says. Player 2: Oh, oh! (Just then, a girl runs in from the sideline, holding a Snickers) Girl: Baby—come here. Eat a Snickers. (Betty opens the Snickers and takes a bite. Cut to the girl) Girl: Better? (Cut back, where now we see that Betty White has become a regular guy, still eating Snickers) Guy: Better. (He returns to the game, and lines up. The play starts. He is wide open, but doesn't get the ball) Guy (to the QB): I'm open! (The quarterback has turned into Abe Vigoda. Abe, looking frail and a little unaware, gets sacked) ABE (on the ground): That hurt. (VO)/Super: You're not you when you're hungry. Snickers satisfies. "Road Trip" :30 (Open on an old, beat-up car on the highway. Inside there are three college-age guys and Aretha Franklin) Aretha: Can we turn the A/C up? I’m dying back here. Guy 1: (front passenger) It’s on. Can’t you feel it? (Aretha slaps him in the back of the head) Aretha: Can you feel that? (Guy 2, takes out a Snickers and hands it to Aretha) Guy 2: Jeff—eat a Snickers, please. Aretha: Why? Guy 2: Every time you get hungry you turn into a diva. Just eat it so we can all coexist in here. Aretha: Ooooh, I turn into a diva. Guy 1: Get it in your system, cranky pants. Aretha: OK. Guy 1: Thank you. (Aretha takes a bite. Cut to Guy 2) Guy 2: Better? (Cut back. Aretha is now Jeff, a regular guy) Jeff: Better. (Cut to the front seat. Guy 1 has suddenly turned into Liza Minelli) Liza: Will you get your knees out of the back of my seat! Jeff: Oh, oh. (VO)/Super: You’re not you when you’re hungry. Snickers satisfies. Liza: Zip it!

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