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Simon Foster/John LaMacchia/Pete Lefebvre/Rich Wallace, creative directors
Terry Finley, group creative director
Glynn Speeckaert, director of photography
Adam Liebowitz, editor
Go Robot, editorial company
Joel Simon/John "Scrapper" Sneider, music composers
JSM, music company
David Gray, director
Kristen Ettinger, agency producer
Stephen Orent/Thomas Rossano, executive producers
Michelle Towse, production company producer
Patti McConnell, executive director of production
Station Film, production company
Ogilvy & Mather, ad agency
Tribeca Film Festival, client
Here Comes the Neighborhood :60 (Open on a moving truck driving through Tribeca. Cut to a cobblestone street. A moving guy takes a cobblestone out of the street and packs it into a moving box. The movers continue to pack everything in boxes: a cup of coffee, an Orthodox Jewish man, a pigeon, a bagel, a park bench, a bubble-wrapped homeless man and on and on. Cut to an iconic New York yellow cab being pushed down a cobblestone street by moving guys. It has been completely bubble-wrapped and as it rolls by the tires burst the bubble wrap like machine-gun fire. Cut to a robotic street performer. Two movers spot him and a chase ensues. Cut to a traffic policewoman. She is in the middle of giving the moving truck a ticket when two movers appear and begin to wrap her in bubble wrap. Cut to a moving guy carrying a fire hydrant. Cut to a supermodel strapped to a hand truck, being wheeled into the moving truck. Cut to a cinema marquee being carried into the truck that reads “Tribeca Film.” Cut to Robert de Niro sitting in his office. Two moving guys enter and begin to pack up his desk. De Niro shakes his head) De Niro: No, no, no… (The moving guys put the desk back down. Cut to the silver-painted street performer protesting as two movers carry him into the moving truck. Cut to a mover pulling down the rear down of the moving truck; the screen goes black) Super: Here comes the neighborhood. Tribeca Film. On Demand.

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