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Stuart Jennings, art director
Eric Steele, writer
Derek Barnes/Stuart Jennings/John Parker, creative directors
Kevin Proudfoot/Todd Waterbury, executive creative directors
Brand New School, graphic designer
Peter Donahue, Epoch Films, director of photography
Geoff Hounsell, Arcade Edit, editor
Philip Loeb, Sound Lounge, audio mixer
Matt Aselton, Epoch Films, director
Tristan Wake, visual effects artist
Marc Marrie, Epoch Films, line producer
Nick Setounski, broadcast producer
Gary Krieg, executive agency producer
Wieden+Kennedy New York, ad agency
ESPN, client
Brady's Back :45 Anncr. (VO): Monday. The longest day of the week. Which gives you time to reflect on why you got fired from your last job… Our Guy: He looks like a villain from a soap opera. Anncr. (VO): …And the one before that…And the one before that… …And this one. But soon Monday Night Football is returning to ESPN, which is the closest you'll ever get to your dream job, coaching Tom Brady in his return to Foxboro. Our Guy: What?? I cut the sleeves off because it looks awesome. Get your head in the game! Anncr. (VO): So keep that day job, because on Monday nights, football will be doing all the work. "You Ask Yourself" :30 Anncr. (VO): Monday, The day you begin to think, “This is the worst job I’ve ever had.” …Second worst. It’s the day you ask, “Is this job the best use of my God-given talents?” Hero: (Karate grunts) Hero: (Bird call) Anncr. (VO): But with Monday comes Monday Night Football on ESPN. Which’ll have you asking, “Would Hank consider my friends ‘rowdy’?’ Hero: Game’s on, boys. Friend: I hereby cast a level-two charm spell. Anncr. (VO): So no matter how many damage points you suffer on Monday, come Monday night you’ll be ready to party. "This Guy" :30 Anncr. (VO): Monday. Back to spending a full eight hours with people you wouldn't normally give eight seconds. Like this lady with the laugh… Lady: (Laughs) Anncr. (VO): …Or this guy with the breath… Guy: It was huge. Anncr. (VO): …Which is almost as brutal as that Monday you parked next to this guy. But with Monday comes Monday Night Football on ESPN. Which means hanging out with this guy… Hero: …So if you're not here, who's driving the boat? (laugh) …But not this guy… Guy: Look at this, it's super-infected. AVO: So hang tough, 'cause you're the only guy who matters on Monday night.

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