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Jason Duvall/Hayden Gilbert, associate creative directors
Shep Kellam/Bernard Park, creative directors
Bill Oakley, chief creative officer
Jason Burks, director of photography
Jeremy Bartel, director
Lola Lott, producer
Stefany Strah, agency producer
Hal Dantzler, executive agency producer
Tom Aberg, post-production supervisor
Liberal Media, production company
Post Asylum, post-production company
TM Advertising, ad agency
Michael Cain/James Faust/Tanya Foster, Dallas Film Society, clients

“The Talk" Theater Trailer :60 (Open on a boyfriend and girlfriend talking to on another at a restaurant. The girlfriend engages the boyfriend in the ever uncomfortable “relationship” talk) SFX: Ambient restaurant sounds and piano music in the background. Girlfriend: So, we’ve been together a really long time, Clay, and I guess, what I need to hear from you is where you think this is going. I mean, I feel really committed to you and … (Clay is acting as a director of a movie, but there is no film crew. His girlfriend seems caught off guard) Clay: Cut! Cut! OK, that was very nice, but I want to try it again. Think of it this way, I’m a guy who’s never going to commit to you. Uhm. And now you realize you’ve wasted five years of your life on me, this loser, and you’re mad, you’re angry, you’re heart-broken. You’re a classy woman, so use your strength or not, let’s just try it. OK, so now let’s take it from the commitment thing and remember the anger comes from here…not here. (Clay gestures to his heart when explaining to her where the “anger comes from here” and points to his head on “not here”) Super: When you love film you live film. Clay: And action. (Girlfriend slaps Clay) SFX: Slap. Art Card: Dallas International Film Festival Crowd Gasps: Oh Clay: That was really good, that was really good. Maybe we could go a little softer next time.


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