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Carmelo Maselli/Luis Sanchez Zinny, creative directors
Seto Olivieri, chief creative officer
Martin Romanella, director of photography
Agustin Devitorio, editor
Augusto Gimenez Zapiola, director
Hernan Cuñado, project director
Federico Puricelli/Francisco Tanto, agency producers
Marcos Landajo/Nano Tidone, executive producers
Aldo Ferrari, post-production producer
argentinacine, production company
Gizmo, post-production company
Leo Burnett Argentina, ad agency
Daniel Ferro, Car One, client
“Inheritance” :45 (Open on the parking lot of a “D” level club. A man in his early thirties, has finished his work-out and has just taken a shower. He approaches his car with his bag hanging from his shoulder. His mobile rings. It’s his mother). Man: Mom, what’s up? You phoned me, didn’t you? Is everything OK? Mom (VO): Everything is fine with me, yes, it’s your great-uncle who is not so well... Man: Wow… who, the millionaire? (The man’s car, rather old-fashioned and cheap, disappears in a flash, a much better one appears) Mom: (VO) Yup. It seems he’s been under too much stress, his businesses were going to the dogs. (So the car turns into a worse one) Son: Humm, I’d had no idea. Mom (VO): Well, to be honest he is down in the dumps. (Another flash of light and the car gets back to its original state) Mom (VO): Really, I don’t know why he is worrying so much considering the fortune he has offshore. (The car changes again and turns into a terrific one). Man: Ahhh offshore? (as if not showing much interest) …look, I didn’t know that. And how old is he? ‘Cause on top of that he is old, isn’t he? Mom (VO): Yeah, old just for some people because it seems he’s dating a twenty-two-year-old girl (car changes), he says he wants to get married (car changes), travel around the world (car changes), you see, while we end up here full of debts! Man: Cut it out Mom. I have to go and fetch Andrea.Super: All your cars are in CarOne. CarOne. Number 1 in second-hand car sales.

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