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Michael Shaughnessy, art director
Scott Noble, writer
Rob Rich/Ernie Schenck, group creative directors
Kevin Moehlenkamp, chief creative officer
Andre Betz, editor
Bug Editorial, editorial company
Amber Music, sound design
Stylewar, director
Alex Vainstein, agency producer
Allison Kuntzman, executive producer
Asher Edwards, visual effects producer
Caitlin O'Meara, post-production producer
Smuggler, production company
The Mill, visual effects company
Hill Holliday, ad agency
Liberty Mutual, client
Trunk :30 (Open on a remote mountain pass where a stunned deer ambles in front of a wrecked car. The car swerved to miss the deer and struck a boulder. The driver gets out to inspect the damage. His wife gets out of the car. He opens the trunk of the car and pulls up the carpet revealing the spare tire. He pulls on the tire until we see the spare tire is attached to an entire spare car. With a final tug he pulls the spare car out of the trunk. He and his wife get in and drive off.) Anncr. (VO): An accident doesn’t have to slow you down. From New Car Replacement and Guaranteed Repairs to Accident Forgiveness, we do all we can to help you move on. Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance. Responsibility. What’s your policy? Super: New Car Replacement. Accident forgiveness. Guaranteed repairs.

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