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Stephen McMennamy/Jean Robaire, art directors
Bobby Pearce, writer
Greg Hahn/Ralph Watson, executive creative directors
David Lubars/Bobby Pearce, chief creative officers
Joost Van Gelder, director of photography
Paul Martinez, editor
Arcade Edit, editorial company
Nick Drake, voice talent
From The Morning, music
Partizan, director
Carolyn Carbone/Amy Wertheimer, agency producers
Melissa Chester, agency music producer
Traktor, production company
Moving Picture Corporation, visual effects company
BBDO Atlanta, ad agency
AT&T, client
Blanket :45 (Open on orange fabric-covered stairs. Sitting on one of the steps is a woman talking on a phone. Not only are the Lyon Street steps covered in orange fabric, but also the sight of people working to cover the city of San Francisco in orange as well. People stand on the edge of the Golden Gate bridge launching rolls of orange fabric off the sides. Cut to what seems to be a large letter “W” wrapped in orange fabric. Cut to a wider shot to reveal that it was the “W” from the Hollywood sign, which is similarly bound in fabric and rope. Cut to two men draping a swath of orange fabric onto the St. Louis Arch. Cut to a driver’s point of view from his convertible as he zooms by the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign,the city ahead entirely wrapped in orange fabric. Cut inside a busy control tower as two me on phones point into the distance. The entire space shuttle and launch pad structure are wrapped in orange, as is the surrounding area. Cut to the Space Needle in Seattle. It is covered in orange. A man at the top of the Needle performs a bungee jump. The city around the Needle is also covered. Cut to a desert canyon shot and a moment of silence. Suddenly hoards of people come running over the hill holding what seems like a 5-mile x 5-mile piece of orange fabric. The camera then makes a move skyward. The adjacent area are covered in orange, then the state, then finally, as seen from high in the sky, the entire country is orange) Super: 97 percent coverage. Blanket coverage. Anncr. (VO): AT&T covers 97 percent of all Americans. So it’s possible for you to talk, text or surf the Web from almost anywhere. (Cut to logo and end treatment) AT&T Globe. Rethink Possible

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