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Rob Baird/Jonathan Mackler/Kris Wixom, art directors
Jim LeMaitre/Alisa Sengel Wixom, writers
Alisa Sengel Wixom/Kris Wixom, associate creative directors
Rob Baird/Jonathan Mackler, creative directors
Mark Figliulo, chief creative officer
Mott Hupfel/Bryan Newman/Andrzej Sekula, directors of photography
Brand New School, motion graphics
Marryanne Butler/Murray Butler/Raul Ortego/Miyuki Shimamoto, Flame artists
Steve Gandolfini, Mackenzie Cutler/Jon Grover, Cosmo Street Editorial/Ian Mackenzie, Cut + Run/Lawrence Young, editors
Sam Shaffer, sound designer
Tom Jucarone/Philip Loeb, Sound Lounge, audio mixers
Ulf Johansson/Randy Krallman/Guy Shelmerdine, directors
Tim Masick, Company 3, Telecine colorist
Megan Moore, line producer
Cory Berg/Kathy Rhodes, producers
Winslow Dennis/Jason Souter/Ozzie Spenningsby, agency producers
Matt Bijarchi, executive director of production
Smuggler, production company
Framestore, visual effects company
TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, ad agency
Mars, Wrigley, Skittles, client
Transplant :30 (Open inside a hospital room where we see a guy (Steve) recovering from surgery lying in bed. A doctor is standing next to him, lazily eating Crazy Core Skittles with one hand, casually checking the guy’s blood pressure with the other) Doctor: (letting the air out) Yep, everything looks good... This was the perfect transplant. Steve: I don’t know...something feels different... Doctor: Well of course it does. You’ve got a little of Jose in you now.. (Cut to reveal Jose recovering next to him in another bed. As the doctor keeps talking, we see Jose and scratch his face as Steve does the same in unison. He has no control over his limbs) Doctor: ...It’s like these new Crazy Cores Skittles. (The doctor bites a Crazy Core in half and holds it up to demonstrate) Doctor: See, this one’s got watermelon on the outside and strawberry on the inside. It’s the same with you. You’re Steve on the outside and Jose on the inside. Its basic science... Steve: (now becoming panicked) But - I can’t control mi cuerpo... (As he says this, he awkwardly knocks the contents off his bedside table then grabs the Skittles from the doctor and fling them across the bed to Jose who (being the one to orchestrate the maneuver) catches them and starts eating them, slowly licking his fingers while staring at Steve. Cut to the rainbow end treatment. Title/VO: Transplant the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. “Plant” :30 (Open on a woman pruning a large colorful plant growing out of her 20-something-year-old son. The plant is laden with pods of brightly colored Skittles) Son: Mom, you think when harvest is over, we can call that specialist? Woman: Douglas, I told you. We’ve been given a miracle here. You should be thankful. Son: But I was thinking I could maybe go to college. Woman: (dismissive) And I thought we were done with all that silly dreamer talk. You know we depend on you around here... (She begins tickling him, trying to cheer him up) Woman: Come on, give mama a smile... (He gives in and laughs, which shakes more Skittles out of his branches and into her basket) Woman: Yahoo! (Cut to the rainbow end treatment) Title Card: Harvest the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. “Tube sock” :45 (Open on tube sock guy sliding across the rug, down the hallway and into the TV room. An old couple sits on a couch. The woman’s eating Fizzl’d Fruits Skittles) Carol: I feel like you’re taking advantage of him. Ed: Whatever...he’s working off his rent. Let’s go, tube sock, hit me! (Tube sock touches Ed’s tongue. We see a static zap) Carol: Why don’t you have some of my new Fizzl’d Fruits Skittles instead? Ed: Not now, Carol! Carol: They tingle on your tongue! Ed: It’s covered! Carol: Oh, come on, Ed! They fizz in your mouth! Ed: Kindly remove that candy from my face. (She relents, then Ed turns and looks up at tube sock) Ed: Hit me again, tube sock! Let’s go! (The tube sock starts sliding in a circle, charging up his feet again. Cut to the Fizzl’d Fruits Skittles) Super: Fizz the rainbow! Super: Taste the rainbow!

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