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Jamie Overkamp, art director
Galen Graham/Jason Karley, associate creative directors
Chuck Rachford/Chris Roe, creative directors
Mark Gross, group creative director
Kristin Branstetter/Matthew Wood, Whitehouse, editors
Mark Plummer, director of photography
Erich Joiner, director
Scott Kemper, senior producer
Dustin Callif/Brian Latt/Jennifer Siegel, executive producers
Diane Jackson/Will St. Clair, executive agency producers
Amy DeLossa, integrated production director
Tool of North America, production company
DDB Chicago, ad agency
Anheuser-Busch InBev, client

Clothing Drive 1:20 (Open on an office. Woman standing next to a large box labeled Clothing Drive stops a worker coming around the corner) Sara: Did you bring anything for the clothing drive? Jim: No. Sarah: Too bad. You get a free bottle of Bud Light for every article of clothing you donate. (Jim thinks for a moment and starts removing his tie) Jim: Sweet. (Cut to a de-shirted Jim passing a pantless worker in the hall) Bob: Morning Jim. Jim: Morning Bob. (Cut to secretary bringing in a document to be signed. Her boss is down to his skivvies. When he finishes signing he tries to put the pen in his breast pocket, but there isn't one, so he sticks it in his underpants) Secretary: That was my pen. Boss: Oh, oh. (Boss starts to retrieve the pen) Secretary: Keep it. (Cut to two men in their underpants trying to talk a fully-clothed woman into taking off her clothes) Man 1: It's for a good cause. (Cut to a job interview. The interviewer stands to congratulate the new hire. New hire looks surprised) Man: You're hired. Welcome to the team. (Cut back to two men still trying to convince the woman to disrobe. One of the men bends over and removes his underwear) Man: Let me get you a Bud Light. (Cut to a naked man running down the hall for the elevator) Man: Hold that! Hold that! Thank you. It's chilly in here. (He hops on amongst fully-clothed passengers and the door closes. Cut to naked receptionist answering the telephone) Receptionist: Newton Graham, hold please. (Delivery man runs into the wall by her desk. Cut to a naked man and fully-dressed woman in a cubicle. He stands up from the chair) Man: I'm sorry. Here you go. (She looks at the chair in disgust) Woman: Gross. (Cut to man walking around a corner to find a naked maintenance guy still wearing a tool belt, standing on a chair changing a light bulb) to repair a light fixture. Cut to smiling boss standing next to a still dressed Sara addressing the rest of the office) Boss: (holding a bottle of Bud Light) I'd like to congratulate Sara on the most successful clothing drive ever! Great job. (Cut to happy naked office workers toasting Sara with their Bud Lights. Cut back to boss as he opens his arms to hug her, but she shakes her head and steps out of the way) Sara: I'm good. Logo: Bid Light.


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