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Jesse Blatz, art director
Brian Tierney, writer
Jamie Ferreira, creative director
Mark Wenneker, chief creative officer
John Piccolo, editor
Cutting Room, editorial company
Mike Secher, sound designer
Soundtrack, sound design
Ryan Ebner, director
Liza Near, integrated production director
Michael McQuhae, executive producer
Zeke Bowman, executive agency producer
Kirsten Anderson, visual effects producer
HSI Productions, production company
Brickyard VFX, visual effects company
Mullen, ad agency
Boston Bruins, client
Swirly :30 (Open on a line for the men's room at a Bruins game. A guy in the line that stretches out the door suddenly decides to go in the out door—basically cutting in front of everyone. He grabs a urinal and proceeds to do his business. Suddenly, a brown furry paw lands on his shoulder. It startles him. He cautiously turns his head and looks up to see the mighty Bruins Bear. Jump cut to a shot of one of the stalls with the door closed. All we see is the bear's paws holding the guy up by the ankles as he gives him a well-deserved swirly) SFX: Flush Super: Obey the restroom code. Logo: Bruins Hockey Rules

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