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James Clunie, art director
Chris Beresford-Hill, writer
Chris Beresford-Hill/James Clunie, creative directors
Greg Hahn/Mike Smith, executive creative directors
David Lubars, chief creative officer
Darko Suvak, director of photography
Ian MacKenzie, editor
MacKenzie Cutler, editorial company
Tim Godsall, director
Jim Kelly, agency producer
Anthony Curti, executive agency producer
Biscuit Filmworks, production company
Perception/Schmigital, post-production companies
BBDO New York, ad agency
HBO, client
Eastbound and Mom 2:05 (Open on a mother and father opening their teenage son's bedroom door on Christmas morning) Father: Hey buddy. Mother: Merry Christmas honey! Father: Merry Christmas! Hey, your mother and I know how much you love Eastbound & Down, so we made you Episode 4. (The father dressed in a blue nightgown puts on a brown wig. The mother, dressed as Kenny Powers in tight jeans and a cowboy shirt, puts on a mullet wig) Father: Kenny, what are you doing in my bedroom? Mother: I know, I know I don't mean to be all over here like some dude that's gonna rape you. Just want to talk to you. Father: So now you got me alone, go ahead and talk. What do you got to say? Mother: Uh, I don't know. I'm not very good at this. Pretty much only good at throwing baseballs, destroying my opponents and banging bush. Father (whispering): So, what am I? Mother: You sure as hell ain't a baseball. (The mother and father start kissing, really passionately. Their hands are all over each other. The boy turns away. Finally, Kenny begins an awkward shuffle. He may have prematurely done something) Mother: Damn it. Father: Kenny did you just bust in your pants? Mother: No, I did not bust in my pants! Son: Oh my god. Mother: Think I just need to go find a… restroom or some paper towels or something… (The mother walks slowly out of the bedroom while the father looks on with embarrassment. The performance ended, the mother walks back in the room, the parents put their arms around each other, smiling and laughing) Mother and Father: Merry Christmas! Father: That's your big present. Super: This holiday, leave the HBO to us. (Cut to the DVD package of Eastbound & Down) Super: Now available on DVD.

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