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Anthony DeCarolis, art director
Erik Fahrenkopf, writer
Anthony DeCarolis/Erik Fahrenkopf, associate creative directors
Jonathan Mackler, creative director
Mark Figliulo, chief creative officer
Thomas Sigel, director of photography
Brad Waskewich, Spot Welders, editor
Human, music company
Tom Jucarone, Sound Lounge, audio mixer
Noam Murro, director
Chris Bankoff/Dan Glass, visual effects supervisors
Co3, Telecine colorist
Jay Veal, line producer
Jason Souter, agency producer
Shawn Lacy, executive producer
Biscuit Filmworks, production company
Method Los Angeles/Scanline, visual effects companies
TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, ad agency
Jameson Irish Whiskey, client
“Fire” :60 (Open on Dublin in the year 1789. The city is completely engulfed in flames. And the massive fire is making its way toward the Jameson Distillery) Anncr. (VO): When the great fire of 1789 reached his distillery John Jameson devised a brilliant plan... (John Jameson grabs an axe off the wall, walks out of the gates of his distillery and heads towards the outskirts of the city. Cut to Jameson hanging from a massive dam) Anncr. (VO): but there was simply no time… (Jameson slides down the face of the dam, pulls out his axe and begins to chop at the door of the dam) Anncr. (VO): so he devised another, less brilliant plan. (For a split second he regrets his decision. But it’s too late. The dam bursts open, Jameson is blasted by the water and a wave of biblical proportions heads toward the city. The people of Dublin run as the colossal wave decimates the town. Cut to Jameson at the front of the wave as it washes through Dublin and toward his distillery. Miraculously, Jameson and the wave reach his distillery the instant it begins to catch fire) Anncr. (VO): In the end the not-so-brilliant plan saved the whiskey... (The water-logged people of Dublin run to greet Jameson at the door of his distillery. They applaud Jameson, whose foolhardy plan actually worked) Anncr. (VO): and all of Ireland agreed, catastrophe averted. (Cut to an aerial shot that reveals the city in complete ruins, but the distillery has been saved) Super: Jameson Irish Whiskey. Taste above all else.

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