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Anthony DeCarolis/Jonathan Mackler, art directors
Erik Fahrenkopf/Jim LeMaitre, writers
Jonathan Mackler, creative director
Mark Figliulo, chief creative officer
Danny Morris/Keith Sullivan, Flame artists
Gavin Cutler, MacKenzie Cutler, editor
Tom Jucarone/Philip Loeb, Sound Lounge, audio mixers
Ulf Johansson, director
Tim Masick, Company 3, Telecine colorist
Dan Roberts, producer
Jason Souter, agency producer
Philippa Smith, executive producer
Smith and Jones Films, production company
The Mill, visual effects company
TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, ad agency
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, Skittles, client
“Door” :30 (Open on a man moving into a new apartment. The place is empty. As he walks down the hallway with a box of his belongings, he passes an empty bedroom. Something in the room catches his eye. He stops, turns and walks in. Cut to him standing there, looking up at a little door in the wall. Curious, he puts down the box, opens the door and a rainbow pops out. He puts his hand through the rainbow and, to his delight, his hands start filling up with Skittles. And as he puts a few Skittles in his mouth, he spots another little door across the room. Cut to him climbing up a small ladder. He opens the second door, and inside, is a small, man calmly reading a book. The man looks up and says, “Hello!” Confused, the man on the ladder quickly shuts the door. Cut to a package of Skittles) Super/(VO): Find the Rainbow! Super/(VO): Taste the Rainbow! "Borrow" :30 (Open on two brothers in a recreation room. One is sitting alone. The other is surrounded by a group of friends. The popular brother is holding a small rainbow that rains Skittles. His friends are laughing hysterically as they catch and eat them. The popular brother feels bad for his loner brother so he offers him the rainbow. As the loner brother runs over to it, he slips and falls on the Skittles-littered floor breaking the rainbow. Cut to later that night, the loner brother sheepishly walks over to his brother with the rainbow. It's poorly repaired with duct tape. Instead of Skittles raining out of the bottom, they randomly shoot out in every direction. The lonely brother hands the rainbow to the popular brother as if to say, "See. Good as new." The popular brother agrees, but as he looks the rainbow over, rainbow goo spills all over his jeans. Cut to a package of Skittles) Super/(VO): Salvage the Rainbow! Super/(VO): Taste the Rainbow! "Peck" :30 SFX: Bird noises (Open on a man seated on a park bench enjoying Skittles. At the same time, Skittles are raining down from the rainbow above him. As Skittles land on the pavement, a strange man with pigeon-like features and movements hurries into the frame. Followed by more of the strange people, they crowd around the bench, pecking Skittles off the path) SFX: Dog bark. (A barking dog lunges at the pigeon people and chases one through the frame. The strange people scatter. As they all hurry out of the frame, the man on the bench continues eating Skittles. After a pause, the strange pigeon people cautiously walk back into the frame and resume pecking Skittles. Cut to a package of Skittles) Super/(VO): Peck the Rainbow! Super/(VO): Taste the Rainbow!

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