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Croix Gagnon, art director
Nat Lawlor, writer
Rich Silverstein, creative director
David Kolbusz, group creative director
Margaret Johnson, executive creative director
Alwin Kuchler, director of photography
Rich Orrick, editor
Mark Holden, online editor
Spot Welders, editorial company
Mutato Muzika, music company
Rohan Young, audio mixer
Ringan Ledwidge, director
Mark Gethin, Telecine colorist
Jan O'Malley, agency producer
Smuggler, production company
Woodshop, visual effects company
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, ad agency
Logitech, client
“Ivan Cobenk” :60 (Open on a man at his dining table working on needlepoint. Surrounded by Kevin Bacon’s career memorabilia) Ivan Cobenk: My favorite actor? Well that’s easy. Kevin Bacon. Obviously. (Ivan turns the needlepoint to the camera. It’s a portrait of Kevin Bacon) Ivan Cobenk: His best movie is probably a tie between… all of them. (He snorts at this joke.) (Cut to Ivan in his front yard. One of the monster props from Tremors is sticking out of his lawn) Ivan Cobenk: I do a Kevin Bacon impression. (Gets into character) This valley is one long smorgasbord! (Cut to a portrait of Ivan and Kevin Bacon together) Ivan Cobenk: Me and Kevin. I never actually met him. I had it commissioned. (Cut to a series of shots showing all the Kevin Bacon memorabilia around Ivan’s house. There is a lot) Ivan Cobenk: Am I obsessed with Kevin Bacon? I think I’m a devoted fan. (Cut to Ivan sitting in his living room, in front of his TV with a Logitech keyboard in front of him) Ivan Cobenk: And you know, the Logitech Revue is just perfect for me ‘cause I just type in “Kevin Bacon” and it uses Google TV, finds all kinds of movies and shows and YouTube videos. (We see the Revue and all the results returning as Ivan demonstrates how to use it) Ivan Cobenk: So let’s just say I happen to be in the mood for, I don’t know, a movie about a rebellious teen who’s living in a town where dancing is illegal. (We see a scene from Footloose come up on Ivan’s TV with Kevin Bacon yelling, “Let’s dance!”) Ivan Cobenk: You know, my wife says that if I watch any more Kevin Bacon, I might turn into Kevin Bacon. (Ivan looks around, then back at us and crosses his fingers in hope and smiles at the camera. Cut to the end card showing the Revue) Anncr. (VO): Add Google TV to your television with the Logitech Revue. If you can think it, you can watch it.

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