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Eric Cosper, art director
Eric Steele, writer
Brandon Henderson/Stuart Jennings, creative directors
Jerome Austria/Kevin Proudfoot, executive creative directors
Gavin Cutler, MacKenzie Cutler, editor
MacKenzie Cutler, editorial company/audio mixer
Sam Shaffer, sound designer
Tom Kuntz, MJZ, director
Dan Blaney, agency producer
Gary Krieg, executive broadcast producer
MJZ, production company
Wieden+Kennedy New York, ad agency
ESPN, client
“Monday Action” :30 (Open on a montage of calamities and mishaps set to the melody of the Monday Night Football “Heavy Action” theme song. It’s a collection of tight, quick close-ups that feels like the overwhelming inundation of a crappy day. After every measure of music, we cut wider to see the characters. Cut to a close-up of an alarm clock sounding off as it clicks to 6 A.M. Mon. A hand smacks the button) SFX: Beep-beep. (Cut in close to: A burnt piece of toast popping out of a smoking toaster. [Pop] An expensive leather dress shoe stepping off the curb and plunking into a deep puddle. [Kaplunk-squish] An empty coffee thermos dispenser. [Gurgle] Cut wider to Jaws at the office break room pressing down on the top of an empty coffee thermos dispenser, rolling his eyes as it spits out nothing. Cut in close to: A carton of lumpy, expired milk being poured on fresh cereal. [Gulp-gulp] Lasagna exploding in microwave. [Pop] The bottom of a garbage bag giving out as it’s carried; nasty trash spilling all over. [Splat] An up arrow lighting up on an elevator and a crowd of packed, miserable people as the doors open. [Ding] Bench press weights falling to the ground. [Clank] Cut wider to Vince Young on the bench press, struggling to balance the weights that just fell off his bar. Cut in close to: A car exhaust backfiring, producing a big puff of smoke. [Pa-pow] An oil change signal appears on a dashboard. [Ding] A splat of bird poo hitting a coat lapel. [Splat] An umbrella flopping back and collapsing in a windy torrential rainstorm. [Crack-whoosh] A pair of reading glasses getting crunched by someone sitting on them. [Crunch] Cut wider to Andre Johnson at the sink by the lockers. Cut in close to: A hand punching an emergency stop button on a factory conveyor belt. [Smash] A factory alarm siren buzzing. [Buzz] A snack cake conveyor belt jolting to a stop as snack cakes pass by. [Jolt] We reach the famous crescendo of the song and the music is at full force. Cut wider to a dejected product checker looking down at an overstuffed chocolate snack cake on the stopped assembly line—it conspicuously resembles a football, with the white filling bursting out on top like laces. He picks up the pleasant reminder and smiles in anticipation of Monday Night Football returning) Super: Only Four More Mondays. Camera Card: ESPN Monday Night Football coming September 13. “An Exit Away” :30 (Open on a clock that reads Mon 6:17 P.M.) Anncr. (VO): Monday. Done with work at long last. But it hasn’t been a cakewalk. (Cut wide to our hero, driving home in heavy traffic. His tie is ripped off at the neck and he’s got a bandage on his broken, swollen nose) Anncr. (VO): You stuck your foot in your mouth. (Flash back to him earlier that morning showing a woman some high-capacity washing machines. He points at her pregnant-looking belly) Our Hero: (smiles) So when’s the big day? Woman: (scowling) Big daaay?? (Our hero goes through a series of nasty events at Tech Towne: his tie gets ripped off in a blender; he gets beat up by Stephen Baldwin for improper remarks. Cut back to our hero stuck in traffic, smiling without a care in anticipation of football) Anncr. (VO): So giddy up, kemo sabe. On Monday nights, you’re the employee of the month—for a day. Music: Monday Night Football theme song. Camera Card: ESPN Monday Night Football Logo This Monday 8:30 P.M. Is it Monday yet? “Stone’s Throw” :30 (Open on a watch that reads Monday) Anncr. (VO): Monday. Headed home, and hallelujah—it’s been a rough one. (Cut to our guy, miserably walking home from work) Anncr. (VO): Earlier, that highly offensive JPEG wound up in your presentation. (Our guy clicks from a pie-chart to the next slide. The light in the room changes to fleshy tones) Anncr. (VO): Then your private time turn out to be…not so private… (Cut to our guy sitting by himself, casually picking his nose as he reads the paper on break) Anncr. (VO): After that, you took the elevator ride to a whole ‘nother level. (Cut to our guy as the last one squeezed on a packed elevator. His shirt gets caught in the door and it’s viciously sucked off his body) Anncr. (VO): But Monday means Monday Night Football. You can pick who you can pal around with. (Cut to a dream sequence of our guy and Jared Allen, sitting in a fishing boat. The boat is actually sitting in a backyard pool. He’s feeding scraps of bread to a bunch of geese) SFX: Geese quacking. Anncr. (VO): So strut away, son. There’s a big juicy Monday night out there, with your name on it. Music: Monday Night Football theme song. Camera Card: ESPN Monday Night Football logo. This Monday 8:30 P.M./ET Is it Monday yet?

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