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Tony Zimney, art director
Matt McCain, writer/creative director
Tracy Wong, executive creative director
World Famous Inc., online editor
John Buroker, sound designer
Clatter & Din, sound design
David Turnley, director
John Marias, line producer
Steph Huske, broadcast producer
George Meeker/David Shore, executive producers
Aaron Ball, post-production supervisor
Furlined, production company
Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener, ad agency
Washington State Department of Health, client

Shanin :60 Shanin: (reading aloud) Dear Me. You're a good mom. You know second-hand smoke is toxic to Justice and Kelsey, so you smoke outside. But how about when you freeze them in the back of the car when you have your cigarette when you're driving? And how could you tell Kelsey you won't chaperone her class outing to Mount St. Helens because you can't smoke there? It is awful to think you are choosing cigarettes over your children's feelings. They are right. It's not fair. Love always, Me. My name is Shanin, and no one can make me quit but me. (Cut to black) Title: No one can make me quit but me. Title: Get coaching from someone who can help. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW, quitline.com


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