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Menno Kluin, art director
Icaro Doria, writer
Guillermo Vega, creative director
Rolf Kesterman, director of photography
Carlos Arias, editor
Final Cut, editorial company
Sound Lounge, sound design
Bryan Buckley, director
Kevin Byrne/Mino Jarjoura/Lora Schulson, producers
Hungry Man, production company
The Mill, visual effects company
Y&R New York, ad agency
VH1, client
“Anti-Rock Star” :60 (Open on a rock star and his entourage boarding a private jet. He finishes his drink and phone call and throws the phone and glass onto the tarmac) Anncr, (VO): Yin and Yang. Light and darkness. For every rock star that exists in nature… (Cut to onboard. The rock Star has a mini bike and drives it down the center aisle. Freeze frame) Anncr. (VO): there exists one anti-rock star. (Cut to a regular guy on an overbooked flight in coach. An overweight man in the window seat gets up and tries to squeeze his way past our man in the aisle seat. Just as the large man squeezes past/presses up against the man’s face. Freeze frame) Super: Anti Rock star. (Cut to the rock star in his limo. He is surrounded by a mostly female entourage. Cut to the anti rock star, quietly/uncomfortably sitting on a rental car shuttle. He sniffs the air, noticing that the person next to him does not smell fresh. Cut to the rock star in his hotel room. He is wearing an engineer’s cap and has an intricate model railroad set up which winds over and around a bunch of scantily-clad women lying on the floor. He is giggling like a little boy as he plays with his trains. Cut to the anti rock star at the hotel bar. Just as he musters the courage to approach a woman standing at the bar, the woman sees someone and walks away, leaving him standing there awkwardly) Anncr. (VO): Rock star and anti rock star are like matter and anti matter—should the two ever meet... (Cut to the rock star walking through the lobby of a hotel, with his entourage. The anti rock star walks through the lobby of the same hotel, alone, pulling his wheeled suitcase. As they pass by one another they slow down, recognizing that except for their clothes and hair, they look identical. They stop and look at one another. The rock star curiously reaches out to touch the anti rock star. When he does, there’s an explosive reaction causing all of their clothes and hair to be blown off. The two men are left, naked and hairless, standing opposite one another in a completely white space. The rock star and anti are naked and reborn, like full-grown babies. And like babies, the rock star begins peeing on the leg of the anti rock star, and the anti rock star happily does the same in return. Cut to VH1 end treatment)

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