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Ryan Dickey, art director
Josh Fell, writer
Sam Bergen, associate creative director
Mike Bryce/Jason Elm/Shannon McGlothin, group creative directors
Mark Hunter, chief creative officer
Jan Velicky, director of photography
Steve Gandolfi, editor
Cut+Run, editorial company
Robert Miller, music composer
Stimmung, music company
Andrew Tracey, sound designer
740 Sound & Mix, sound design
Mark Meyuhas, audio mixer
Simon McQuoid, director
Phil Crowe/John Leonti, visual effects supervisors
Adam Scott, colorist
Marisa Wasser, agency producer
Scott Ganary/Doug Halbert/Stephen Venning, executive producers
Victoria Guenier, executive agency producer
Vic Palumbo, executive director of production
Imperial Woodpecker, production company
Lime Studios/The Mill, post-production companies
Deutsch LA, ad agency
Sony Computer Entertainment America, client
“Michael” 2:10 (Open on 25 PlayStation game characters gathered in a saloon, brought together to celebrate their exploits—feats accomplished by the gamer who controls them—to relate stories of their darkest hour, when a mysterious “Michael” came to their aid) Drake: Michael. Athena: Michael. Ezio: When the Templars murdered my family… Ghost: When the whole bloody world’s gone crazy! Killzone Isa Soldier: Helghan sector 9! Cole: To Michael! Chimera: (Snarling growl) Group: To Michael! Cut to the inn-keeper as he grabs a framed photo) Innkeeper: For all he does… for all of us… To Michael! (He hangs the framed portrait on the wall over the bar. It’s a 17-year old guy, half-smiling and holding his PS3 controller) Crowd: To Michael! (As the sounds of their celebration continue, the camera tilts up towards the ceiling and more and more portraits of various gamers are revealed. They cover the massive ceiling. Cut wider, seeing more of the ceiling – a sea of hundreds of portraits of gamers, in various shapes and sizes and various artistic styles) Super: Long Live Play.

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