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Eric Astorgue, art director
Jean-Christophe Royer, writer
Stéphane Xiberras, executive creative director
Joost Van Gelder, director of photography
Jono Griffiths, editor
Eric Cervera, Near Deaf Experience, music
Gum, sound production
Matthijs Van Heijningen, director
Clarisse Lacarrau, planner
David Green/Isabelle Ménard, agency producers
Yuki Suga, production company producer
Soixante Quinze, production company
BETC Euro RSCG, ad agency
Canal+, client
“The Bear” 1:15 (Open on a ferocious battle taking place in the courtyard of a medieval castle. The camera pans out to show it is a Hollywood film shoot. The director comes out to speak to the actors. It is not a man but a bearskin rug) Bear (VO): Where does my passion for cinema come from? (The bearskin is now sitting, facing the camera) Bear (VO): I think I always loved cinema… (While he continues to talk, the bearskin is working the role with the lead actress) Bear (VO): ...working with actors, the special effects, directing, the scenario… (While the bear is talking, he is in different situations working on the preparation of the film) Bear (VO): …The music… (The bearskin is in the auditorium of a recording studio where a symphonic orchestra is playing over images) Bear (VO): In fact, I love everything about cinema. (Cut to an apartment. The bearskin is lying on the carpet in front of the television. From the smile on his face, the films he watches are a source of inspiration for him) Bear (VO): I have seen so many good movies over the years, that one day I asked myself: why not me? Super: The more you watch CANAL+, the more you love cinema.

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