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James See, art director
Brian Chin/Ted Kapusta, writers
Ted Kapusta, associate creative director
Dylan Schwartz, creative director
Chris Adams/Margaret Keene, executive creative directors
Eric Steelberg, director of photography
Greg Scruton, editor
Arcade Edit, editorial company
Brian Aldrich, director
Cliff Schumacher, line producer
Tanya LeSieur, integrated production director
David Weaver, agency producer
Diane McArter/David Thorne, executive producers
Keith Bellinger, executive agency producer
Damian Stevens, post-production producer
Furlined, production company
Saatchi & Saatchi LA, ad agency
Toyota, client
“Driveway” :45 (Open on a driveway of a suburban house with a Barcelona Red My12 Corolla S parked in the driveway. Coach T is seated in the front seat next to the young driver. In the back seat is Coach T’s assistant) Coach T: Twenty years with Corolla and I‘ve never been more excited about an incoming season. Am I right, Coach? Assistant: Right. (Cut to an older model Toyota in front of the Corolla) Coach T: Oh hey, I see the old man’s an alumni. (Cut back to interior) Kid: Actually, that’s my mom’s. Coach T: Oh, a sorority girl…oh, we love that. All right, Did you know the 2012 Corolla has available Entune system so you can use Bing. Assistant: And you can call Open Table to make dinner reservations. (He points to the Bing feature on Entune screen) Coach T: Tell you what, let’s call your Pops. Tell him you’re thinking about a Corolla. Kid: OK… (Kid reaches for his cell phone in his pocket. Coach stops him and points to the Bluetooth button) Coach T: Oh no…. this is how we do it at Corolla, son. (Kid calls his Dad by pushing on the Bluetooth button) SFX: Phone ringing. Dad (VO): Hello. Son: Dad. I’m committing to Corolla. Dad (VO): (Laughing) He’s committing to Corolla. (Coach looks very proud. Smiles all around) Coach T: All right. Let’s take this puppy for a little spin. Right, Madre Padre? (Cut to end card. Toyota logo) “Driver’s Ed” :45 (Open on a DMV parking lot with Coach T watching) Coach T: That’s one of the best three point turners I’ve ever seen. Crisp and natural, and fundamentally good. Assistant: Good feet, good feet. (Car comes to a lurching stop) Coach T: Hey son! Come on over here. Student Driver: Coach T! It’s an honor. Coach T: Well, loved the way you handled that vehicle. Have you thought about the future? Maybe with Corolla or Camry? Student Driver: Well, my mom says I need to keep my MPG up. Coach T (VO): Course she does. (Cut to Barcelona Red 2012 Corolla S) Coach T (VO): Got number thirty-four Assistant: (Interrupting) Highway. (Cut to Silver Metallic 2012 Camry Hybrid LE) Coach T (VO): And number forty-three over there. Assistant: (Interrupting) City. (Cut back to coach) Coach T: (To student) Go on, check it out! You’ve already passed in my book. (Kid looks excited and runs over to cars. Cut to driving instructor smiling) Coach T: I’ll tell you what, Checkers, you impressed me in the past and you’re impressing me even more now. Assistant: Coach is impressed. (Cut to end card. Toyota logo) “Pitch” :45 (Open on an exterior shot of a suburban house. Cut to Coach T and his assistant in the living room) Coach T: (Putting down his coffee cup) Mmm, mmm…my this is tasty. All right now, we’ve seen the films, and we know you are quite the defensive driver. (Cut to a 40-something couple seated on the sofa.) Coach T: I believe we at Camry have a few things to offer you. Assistant: Class leading MPG. A five-star safety rating. Coach T: Yeah, how’s that sound? Man: Will I get a quiet ride? (Coach T points up into the air. There’s silence) Coach T: …just like being in a Camry. And we know a good young driver when we see one. Assistant: You don’t have to make a decision now. (Coach T pulls out a Camry-branded dashboard hula girl) Coach T: No…why don’t you think about it. Man: That’s special… Coach T: …Yes. Very, very special. (Cut to end card. Toyota logo)

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