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Jamie Barrett/Hunter Hindman, executive creative directors
Chris Wilcha, director of photography/director
Catherine Bull, editor
Spotwelders, editorial company
One Union Recording Studios, sound design
Eben Carr, sound engineer
Ahnee Boyce, line producer
MJ Otto, broadcast producer
Hilary Coate, executive broadcast producer
David Glean/Mary Ann Marino, executive producers
Park Pictures, production company
Goodby Silverstein & Partners, ad agency
Chevrolet, client
“My Dad’s Car” :60 (Open on a tight shot of keys in an ignition) Son (VO): It was more than a car to him. (Cut to a tight shot of the dash of a Chevy Impala) Son (VO): It really was his baby. (Cut to shot of a hand holding old photographs) Super: Twenty years ago Herb Younger was forced to sell his beloved ‘65 Chevrolet Impala. Son (VO): He has no idea that we’ve searched for it. It’s gonna be the surprise of his life. Super: Today he gets it back. (Cut to a shot of Herb playing in the park with his grandkids. Behind him, a Chevy Impala drives up. Herb hears the car engine being revved and turns toward it) Herb: Dear God. That’s my old Chevy. Son: We got it pop! (Herb clutches his chest in shock) Herb: You’re kidding me! Really? (Jump cut to a shot of Herb walking up to the car) Herb: Where’d you get it? Son: We found it. It took five years. (Cut to a reaction shot of Herb. He is crying) Herb: Really? Dear me… Son: It’s all good, Dad. We found it. (Cut to another reaction shot of Herb) Herb: And it’s the same. Son: Yep. (Cut to a shot of Herb driving the Chevy Impala) (VO): It’s not just a car. It’s all the memories and feelings. (Cut to shot of Herb driving the car with his sons) Super: Chevy Logo. Chevy Runs Deep. Chevy.com/truestories Tim Allen (VO): From fathers to sons. Chevy runs deep.

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