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Croix Gagnon, art director
Andy Laugenour/Nathaniel Lawlor, writers
Craig Allen/Jason Bagley, creative directors
Mark Fitzloff/Susan Hoffman, executive creative directors
Eli Born, director of photography
Tim Bird/Chris Knight, Flame artists
Michael Giambra, editor
Absolutely Productions, editorial company/production company
Rohan Young, sound designer
Jessica Locke, audio mixer
Tim Heidecker/Eric Wareheim, directors
Bill Benz/Eric Notarnicola, visual effects artists
LaRue Anderson, Telecine and visual effects director
Adam Scott, colorist
Dale Nicholls, associate producer
Lindsay Reed, agency producer
Ben Grylewicz, executive agency producer
Arielle Davis, visual effects producer
Joshua Cohen/Dave Kneebone, production company producers
The Mill, visual effects company
Wieden+Kennedy Portland, ad agency
George Felix, Procter & Gamble, Old Spice, client
Charmin :15 Woman (VO): Try this routine to feel fresh and clean! Pair Charmin Freshmates with your Charmin… (Suddenly Terry's head pops out of the box shouting) Terry: OOOOOOOOOOld Spice body spray is too powerful to stay in it's own commercial. (His hand comes smashing up through the tile counter next to the box holding a can of Old Spice body spray which he sprays) Terry: That's right. (Cut to end treatment with close-up product shot and signature whistle/yell) Logo: Smell is power Logo: Old Spice Terry: P-P-P-P-P-POWER!! “Brain” :15 (Open in a bathroom. Terry sprays himself with Old Spice body spray and yells at the camera) Terry: Old Spice body spray will make you feel so powerful it’ll blow your mind right in front of your face. (The top of Terry’s head opens like a missile silo and we see his brain slowly rocket out of his head. It floats over and hovers in front of him) Brain: Goodbye. Terry: (He panics) OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (The brain explodes in front of him. He holds up the Old Spice body spray again and begins to shout, but only gibberish comes out) Subtitle: What a powerful mistake I’ve made. (Cut to end treatment with signature whistle/yell) Logo: Smell is power Logo: Old Spice "Locker Room" :30 (Open in a locker room. Terry and a schlubby looking man in sweaty post-game sports clothes, holding a hockey stick, wearing a hockey helmet are standing) Terry: Old Spice body spray can change a regular-smelling man into a man who smells like POWERRRRRRRRRR! (As Terry yells, the man's clothing explodes piece by piece, leaving him in just his underwear. Then Terry takes another breath and continues screaming) Man: Now how was... Terry: ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (New powerful clothes explode onto the man. He now wears a golden pharaoh's uniform and head dress, and holds a bejeweled scepter in place of the hockey stick. He looks at himself and gives the thumbs up) Man: Wow! You know what, I do feel more powerf... (Terry interrupts him with another yell) Terry: Potato Chiiiiiiiiips! (The man explodes and turns into a vending machine. Terry gets a bag of chips, eats a few and shrugs) Cut to end treatment with close-up product shot and signature whistle/yell. Logo: Smell is power Logo: Old Spice

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