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Tushar Date/Patricia Ortiz, art directors
Rachel Carlson/Jamie Toal, writers
Anders Svensson, interactive designer
Douglas Menezes, designer
Mike Kohlbecker/Alexandra Sann, associate creative directors
Robin Fitzgerald/Cameron Harris, creative directors
Jason Gaboriau/Tom Markham, executive creative directors
Rob Reilly, chief creative officer
Dan Fox, technology director
Sabrina Fraley/Brett Reiland, artists
Eduardo Santiesteban, visual effects artist
CP+B, ad agency
Grey Poupon, client
Unlike most brands that base success on the number of fans they accrue, we decided to focus on quality not quantity and established The Society of Good Taste, the first Facebook brand page that actually deleted fans who were deemed less than refined. If you wanted to LIKE Grey Poupon, you would have to apply. The Society of Good Taste app would scan a prospective fan's Facebook profile and give them personalized feedback and a good taste rating based on their friends, grammar, quality of check-ins, taste in music and art and more. Users who scored well would become elite members of The Society of Good Taste and gain access to exclusive content and rewards. Those who did not were erased from the members page and directed to brush up on their manners before applying again at a later date.

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