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Nate Able, art director/associate creative director
Peter Rosch, writer
Ari Weiss, executive creative director
John Patroulis, chief creative officer
Healy Snow, assistant editor
Rich Orrick, editor
Matthew Libatique, director of photography
Isaiah Palmer, visual effects artist
Ringan Ledwidge, director
Brian Emrich, sound designer
Rohan Young, sound engineer
Phil Kay, music composer
Calleen Colburn, agency producer
Charlotte Arnold, producer
Jennifer Barrons/Lisa Setten, executive producers
Fergus McCall, colorist
Iwan Zwarts, visual effects supervisor
Work Editorial Company, editorial company
Rattling Stick, production company
Woodwork Music, music company
The Mill, visual effects company
BBH New York, ad agency
Unilever, client

For over 20 years Axe has been all about helping guys get girls. Lots and lots of girls. But what about girl? Every guy has one, the girl that blows him away so completely he's unable to approach her. We created a label for that girl, and her name was Susan Glenn. Then we created an integrated multimedia campaign based on the simple premise that with the help of Axe, every guy can Fear No Susan Glenn. Unbranded content, memes and partnerships with MTV and SpikeTV seeded the name 'Susan Glenn' and what she stood for. Not just a girl but the girl. Since every guy has one, the term caught on quickly. Then, with the launch of a single film, Axe took credit for the phenomenon. Online and mobile experiences gave guys the opportunity to publicly declare their own Susan Glenns by taking over Times Square with personalized messages attesting to the guy's awesomeness. Girls were eager to share the honor, some going as far as appearing in the banner campaign. A documentary about a guy traveling cross-country to serenade his Susan Glenn followed. Max Greenfield from New Girl got in on the act with a web series called Finding Susan Glenn. It all culminated with the term becoming firmly rooted in pop culture and was a whole new take on the Axe brand.


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