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Marilyn Davis, art director
Lauren Miller/Shaun Roncken/Sarah Wells, writers
Lynn Chow, associate creative director
Robin Heisey, chief creative officer
Geoff Ashenhurst, editor
Stealing Time, editorial company
RMW, music company
Johnathan Bensimon, director
Alter Ego/Eric Whipp, colorists
Joan Bell, producer
Kelly Cavanaugh/Judy Hamilton, broadcast producers
Industry Films, production company
Darren Achim, digital effects company
Draftfcb, ad agency
Catalyst, client
It's easy to see there aren't enough women in senior levels of business, but it isn't easy to see the barriers they face. If we can start the conversation, we can begin to create change. Barriers" :50 (Open on a business woman exiting a taxi with a briefcase on wheels. She walks with purpose toward an office building. Getting closer to the entrance, she suddenly hits an invisible barrier and is taken aback. Cut to another woman walking out of a board room, then toward the camera. Without warning, she smashes into an invisible wall. Cut to a different woman waiting outside an elevator door. As the doors part, she walks forward to enter, but slams into an invisible barrier. She stands back with surprise. Cut to a aerial shot within an atrium. A woman holding a binder full of papers crosses a bridge way within the atrium then comes to an abrupt halt as she makes contact with an unseen barrier and her papers go flying. Cut to a woman and a man inside an elevator. The doors open. The man steps through, then the woman tries, but to her surprise, she slams into an invisible barrier) Super: Just because you can't see the barriers women face... (Cut to a woman in a boardroom meeting. She is just about to stand up when her head hits an invisible barrier and she falls into her seat) Super: Doesn't mean they're not there.

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